Aubergine Scene

looking through branches
catching this sherbet sunset through different views,
mighty is a fortress angled amongst dipping hallows as they weave groove.
the branches brittle, yet hold quite an aubergine scene
there’s peach, pinks, and yellows, look, there’s even soft lavender too.
they seem to be dancing, oh my, on soft feminine slopes, now listen: giggling dancing hues want to be noticed.
a hush of snow takes on some gray, but
doesn’t Winter,
as she holds steady against warm days,
generally fade this way?


4 thoughts on “Aubergine Scene

  1. Now doesn’t this picturesque scene make any and all snow shoveling and cold worth it?!? And your views about sunsets are similar to mine, each so different and unique ~ and to be there “catching this sherbet sunset through different views…” is the best. Cheers to a beautiful weekend, Aud 🙂 You deserve it!


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