You’re always right.
Not usually.
Our day over yet?
What do you think?
Stop… just tell me.
Not tonight.
Okay, fine.
I miss you.
I was right over there.
I saw you.
I figured.
Do I get an explanation?
Will I ever?
Sit with me.


26 thoughts on “Amends

  1. I have sat with you…
    More times than you could ever imagine…
    I have felt you very near to me as well
    So often in my times of wonder…
    There truly is no need for explanation…
    For it is written in the shadows of the moonlight
    In the first blush of dawn caressing the morning sky
    In reflections of your smile… within my eyes

    ((my apologies… what can I say… your poetry inspires me… or I might say… forgive me… for I know not what I do. I will attempt to control my comments while lingering in your words this morning… but there are never any guarantees… and we both know how that usually works out))


    • I’ve read this comment more times than I can count or maybe reveal without blushing. You have always made me feel far more beautiful than I deserve, Micheal. Thank you for finding me when wondering and for sitting near. There is no reason to apologize. I adore your words and find comfort in them. There are many days where I wonder if I am still worthy…and enough as I am. Thank you for accepting me as I am.


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