Precious Gift


ornamental treasure,
fruit of strength, a beauty,
the intendment.
enduring winter’s touch,
one’s arranged depletion,
should’ve changed her, did.
timber’s forbidden release,
her lifeline, clinging,
precious she will remain.


47 thoughts on “Precious Gift

  1. This evokes those who cling to the past and cannot move forward, and those who honor the past but journey into the next season.
    Happy Birthday to you, Audrey, may you experience wonder and whimsy, and many more gifts wished for you.


    • Oh, dear Audrey, please see what I see in you. Honey, you are such a Talent that whenever I read your work you make me “work” for understanding. And that is a sign of greatness when you do what you do. Now if you were writing a novel, that trait would not be too well accepted because a novel needs to flow. The writing you do, you play, you twist, you combine words, you come up with words I have never heard of, all leaving the reader with a thrill that OH this is SO different and unique!! *stepping down from the podium* Good night, my friend! (Smile) ❤


    • Amy, thank you. It means a lot to read this comment from you on the morning of my birthday. You’ve reminded me to love myself and take compliments gracefully. I’m thankful for you and your pushing me to see how unique I am. I think you’re a talented photographer and I’m constantly learning from you. The words I use are my focal point, so I’m glad they keep you invested in my creativity. My shy eyes are out…blushing terribly, so just…Thank you. ♡♡♡

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    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR AUDREY!!! Oh, Honey!! My birthday wish for you is: May you SEE your brilliance as others do, and may you learn that you deserve all the respect and acknowledgment for the Truly Gifted Woman you are!!!! BIG (((HUGS))) Amy ❤


    • THANK YOU SO MUCH, MS. AMY!!!!!Goodness, your comment has brightened the colors of both my cheekbones. I’m slowly learning to respect myself and the journey I’m on enough to allow myself to find happiness. I’m thankful for the gift of friendship and the ability to express myself here daily. I appreciate you building me up. Sigh!!!! My day has been a blessing!

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