Her Morning Melody

Robin Redbreast, sing
Carol the streets
Announce our day.
My window is closed,
Yet she comes beyond
Glass, shades and shutters
To encourage flight
Not once noticing
I haven’t the wings
But how do I say no
When all I want
Is to fly.


24 thoughts on “Her Morning Melody

  1. You have so often flown
    Before my eyes
    You may no longer
    Hide your winsome wings…
    For I have gathered feathers
    You have left for me to find
    In the stillness…
    In the snow…
    Beneath the pines…
    Perhaps the robin sees beyond
    Our shaded crystal panes
    And finds what we have
    Failed to see
    In musings of the rain

    β€œBut often poets hide behind the parchment
    In words discreetly placed between the lines
    Yet one may find them in a single feather
    That falls upon the snow beneath the pines”

    Believe… and you can fly!



    • I remember this poem, Michael. It’s as if I have been reading your words for a hundred years, yet, every time they affect me deeply. Your words, as if my very own now, I cherish. You have a true gift. You continue to draw me close and allow me to feel able, and I thank you.

      To fly past your window
      And leave a part of me
      Is truly a pleasure
      For its how you wait
      On the other side
      Which brings me peace
      The strength you share
      With me this day
      Is one I’ll take
      Again and again


  2. Fly my friend, Fly High and Far, Sailing on the winds of Hope and the zephyrs of Delight that you spread out before you with your wonderful words πŸ™‚

    Love this Audrey!!


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