Pale Reminder


This morning’s palest breath
Reminds me, dutifully
I was built to stand alone
Strength binding me with control
My own worst enemy


19 thoughts on “Pale Reminder

  1. This sounds along the lines of something you wrote earlier this week in a comment to me, about stopping the struggle and letting your emotions come out. The last line in your poem is a powerful one. As John wrote in his comment, it happens to all of us.


    • Yeah? I guess it was fate that I write it down in a poem, I guess. I still believe it to be true, Gus. The all mighty power struggle within ourselves. Thanks for reminding me of our conversation. It shows that I am internally fighting myself…this poem proof. Now it’s about pinpointing the reasons for why I don’t let some parts of me out. Good stuff. We’re all growing, right? 🙂 Enjoy your night!


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