a lifetime
thinking it over
all the joys
the sadness
imprinting generations
building our strength

3/5/3/3/7/5 Shadorma Poetry


Nothing like a box Chevy (during a rebuild), booze, old country music and big brother’s barn on a Friday night. Baby, Middle and Red claiming seats as big brother chuckles. None of us would have it any other way. I love when we get together and laugh over ourselves.

Everyone’s version of our story is a little different, but oh we four see it the same… I love’em!


32 thoughts on “Lifetime

  1. So inspiring to know you and your sibs are still close, Audrey. So many, sad to say, drift apart … or have a knock-down, drag-out fight. Love your Shadorma, too — I’ve never heard of that one, so thanks for educating me!


    • My friend, Ben, writes Shadormas and a part of me is drawn to the expectation and rules of the format. Learning the pattern and pushing myself towards something new was nice. I have to practice.
      My siblings and I are close. We’ve always been best friends and lucky to have had parents who taught us to lean on one another…even if at the time it was more clinging out of fear.
      Thanks, D β™‘

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    • Sadly I’ve been around the block enough times to be up on blocks.

      I remember the heyday of CBs well. They still have their uses. Miss riding along talking all night to the trucks around you. It was always neat to hear a voice a thousand miles from home and recognize the guy you talked to all night to months before at the next pump.


    • Been a long time since I’ve seen one outside an OTR rig. They would be mighty handy in that situation though. The terrain around here makes them impractical for using that way though.

      The more things change the more they stay the same.


    • This I get. I’ve had periods where I averaged over 110 hours a week for months on end. You get to a point where something that is muscle memory (such as fueling or an elevator run) is a break in it’s own odd way. Your body is on autopilot so your brain gets to relax.

      Make sure he gets a good and varied diet. A lack of that will cause unexpected problems.


    • We used to sit outside in a ’67 Chevy and talk on my Dad’s CB for hours…this is where it all began. Now, my brother has this fancy barn where he keeps his hobbies. We gravitate to it without thinking. Much like people do to grandma’s kitchen. We’re each other’s best friends. Tight.
      My first shadorma, too. I liked the challenge. Thanks, Shari


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