Blue’s Story

Downhill slope
Mistake made, hidden
Broken heart, angry
Left wishing that day away for years
Signatures on legal paperwork
Packing for three
Regrets in the thousands
All along thinking, it was me
Uphill climb
Driving North
Silent heart, settling
Years of failings grieved
Light passing through windows
Touch of familiar love, family
Might take a decade, or less
Children, a pug: dependents
Nothing the same, yet, I’m me
Travel horizons
Positives shall return slowly
Hopeful heart, settling
My world at my side, loves
Patience astounding, blessed
Grace given and accepted, free
Continuity remains new for now
Life allowed back in. Glory be.



Love took a muted hue when he left
I believed every word he said
As if spoken to my heart
Trusting him was easy
Now what will I do
Try to explain
I was used
His love

( Nonet: 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Syllable(s) )

No secret that I sometimes require strict rule following to write. My mind is a stubborn place.

But then I found my poem to be so incredibly sad, so I wrote another.


Come witness poetic loyalty
His devotion to my spirit
Not even I can believe
He allows fate to guide
Respite found in me
To my surprise
We can dream

Mindful Clutter


how do I handle,
every thought found,
deep inside?
without a voice,
kept hidden,
under my control.
tightly upon,
my breasts,
ache, alive and well.
pushing my mind,
irrationally so,
towards giving up.
i’m only one,
emotional woman,
who’s unworthy.
i’m gravitating,
towards views,
full of clutter.
to sit beside,
material rubble,
for peace.

Undesirable Request

Silence is the result of what you’ve requested
Requested and desired are two different directions
Directions are explicit commands I submit to freely
Freely is how I materialize for you in your dreams
Dreams are the light during my darkest time
Time is all I’ve ever asked for, bashfully
Bashfully is the only way I know how
How is the question that will continue a circle
Circle is the shape for the ring of promise
Promise is the agreement of pinky fingers
Fingers grasp tightly, an act of true love
Love rarely survives the quiescient sound of being dismissed
Dismissed hearts will never answer to silence
I enjoyed trying this style originally found on Benjamin’s blog: The Breakdown of Taboo – Leftovers. Thank you, Benjamin, for the permission to give this poetic form a try.

Thank You

I imagine
A tree
Inside out
Yet, bark, like skin
Scarred and rough
This tree
Just like you and me
Fed by the Father
Holy Spirit
All uniquely
United to form One
Thank you, God
For bringing me
To be all I dreamed
To allow sleep
To grow hearts
I Thank You
For all the transgressions
You forgave
Renewing the flesh
Which causes such pain
So one day
We’ll all live with You again

Grow Up, Audrey Dawn, Geez!

Yeah, I said it. They should be ashamed of themselves. Big Brother, Baby and Middle had me visiting them in a whole new way. Somehow, we’d begun more of a physical visit than a typical mental visit. I suppose that’s what happens when one of us moves too far away.

I’m processing the fact that I didn’t capture the meaningful time with my siblings over Christmas that I had travelled so far to get. I mean, if anyone’s due for getting what she’d wanted it was me.

You should just be happy that you had a chance to see them.

I am, I assure you.  Continue reading

Change Is Good

I know, the holidays are offically over now. Sad? Shall we take a moment? Better? Me, too. Let’s hug it out. Okay, great!

I’m processing the much anticipated visit that I had with my three siblings, in Nebraska, a few weeks ago. In retrospect, I’m very disappointed in Big Brother, Baby and Middle. Actually, they should be ashamed of themselves. Their behavior was out of line. I believe I was suckered into being made to look like a clown, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Continue reading