Change Is Good

I know, the holidays are offically over now. Sad? Shall we take a moment? Better? Me, too. Let’s hug it out. Okay, great!

I’m processing the much anticipated visit that I had with my three siblings, in Nebraska, a few weeks ago. In retrospect, I’m very disappointed in Big Brother, Baby and Middle. Actually, they should be ashamed of themselves. Their behavior was out of line. I believe I was suckered into being made to look like a clown, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Come on, let’s hear it, then. I’m quite sure you’re exaggerating, yet again.

Hmm, okay.

You’re right, we’ll probably take their side.

From what I’ve deduced, my disappointment lies among the mere fact that we didn’t hold our routine family meeting in a normal and decent way. Decent: the key word you’ll want to keep in mind as we finish out the week. You’ll understand after tomorrow’s post, for sure by Friday.

You and your siblings have meetings like this, right? No? Yes? Yeah, well for us, we sit and talk as open as possible about our bond, then tell each other about what’s purculating in our lives or wished was happening to us. Most of these conversations lead to how and why Audrey, also known as, me or Oldest, should move home, but that’s not important for today’s discussion.

So why’d you bring it up, then?

I don’t know, it seemed like I should clarify. Anyway…

I wanted and needed the shut up and don’t tell anyone, You’re My Confidant, talk. Yes, in a perfect setting I’d had them up in my face and listening intently, as I charged on about what I needed out of my mind. Normally, Baby and Middle get the topic of yesterdays started, which helps get the conversation started, then Big Brother comes in with this comment, “I don’t remember it like that.” Don’t worry, Big Brother. Most Brothers don’t and that’s why you’re lucky enough to have three sisters. We’re here to help you see clearly.

Cough, cough!

Coughing is not allowed from the audience, friends. Stop rolling your eyes about and nodding your head in my way, thank you.

It’s nice to reminisce about how it is that we’ve became who we’ve become. That seems confusing, and if it is, I’m sorry.

My blog posts may seem different from now on. I’d like to introduce the moments in my life that have made me who I am, and have you get to know my three other parts. Those parts being Big Brother, Baby and Middle, my siblings. Not only them, but also Audrey Dawn, and the Oldest Daughter & Red Headed Sister, as well.

Audrey Dawn is the name that was given to me, surprisingly enough, by my father and my mother.

Umm, Aud? Isn’t that how it usually works?

What I mean is that my father named me Audrey. I’m Audrey, after the nicest and funniest girl in his high school. Yep, he totally nailed it, didn’t he? It must feel so good to be so right, huh?

Then my mother chose my middle name, Dawn, because I was born on a March morning. Well, that and because my grandmother told her to do so, but mostly because I was born during the early morning hours. Yes, a Pieces, for those who follow that calendar.

I think, and most of you will agree, that it’s the defining moments which somehow build us into the people we are today. The good and the bad, mind you. I need a place to come to, one which reminds me of who I was then, as I strive to continue on as the person I am today. Some may say that I should only look forward and to forget the past. I say, for me, it’s about remembering the past, being honest about who I am now and building from it in order to be a positive force for others today. I’m not saying it’s the right way. I’m just saying it seems to be working for me.

It’s how I’ve healed, and now it’s time to share some of me with you. I hope you’ll join me, as I begin to talk more about where I came from and the people who’ve held my hand.

I cannot promise it’ll always be funny. I can promise that the stories I share will be significant parts of my life. Yesterday’s moments that helped to make me who I am today.

Oh, and possibly because my friends say that I’m closed up tighter than a clam on a fishing boat, so I figured I needed to start talking.

So this is the story from my Christmas break…

16 thoughts on “Change Is Good

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  2. Nice intro. Like an appetizer. Like the chips and salsa, and you can smell the chilaquiles, but they haven’t been served yet. Wow, I could go for some chilaquiles, but I’m just guessing that isn’t on the menu in Nebraska.


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