Mindful Clutter


how do I handle,
every thought found,
deep inside?
without a voice,
kept hidden,
under my control.
tightly upon,
my breasts,
ache, alive and well.
pushing my mind,
irrationally so,
towards giving up.
i’m only one,
emotional woman,
who’s unworthy.
i’m gravitating,
towards views,
full of clutter.
to sit beside,
material rubble,
for peace.


51 thoughts on “Mindful Clutter

  1. Ah, amidst all the chaos, clutter and frustration ~ poems are born and pieces of art are created… It may seem at times if all your struggles are for naught, but that is never the case as long as you have pen in hand and your amazing thoughts (or these days, I guess it is a pad or a computer…I’m old fashion…). We (your reading public) takes all your frets, highs & lows that you put into words, and while you lay wasted with the effort we all rejoice πŸ™‚ So thank you (and all your artist friends) for making the world a better place even if you end up giving a lot more than you imagined, and at times getting less in return…life tends to work that way, but in the end you will win πŸ™‚ Cheers!


    • Speechless. I think this is the moment where I run into your arms and thank you for understanding my heart, Mr. Collis. Have I mentioned that I’m thrilled to have you here, once again, reading my poetry? I’m old fashioned, as well, complete traditionalist, which is to my determent, I’m sure. However, you wouldn’t know it reading my poetry and my complete lack of following poetic form correctly.

      All I can say in response to your loving response, is thank you, and I am humbled to have your eye on my work and my mind. xx Just know, I am okay with my feelings and appreciate the creative gift I’ve been given. Love to you, always.


    • You speechless, hmmmm I find that a bit hard to believe πŸ™‚ I think it is always great to have the old-fashion/traditionalist come out now and then as a reminder of the simple times in life ~ and knowing and appreciating the gifts you have will allow you to grow even more. Cheers and look forward to more cluttered reads πŸ™‚


    • Loose elastic? Chinese twist?

      Couldn’t find the appropriate American term. But surely, this must have been something you probbaly also performed during your childhood youth?

      I found this one:

      French Elastic or French Skipping

      We play this game with a really long piece of elastic, about 2cm wide and 3 metres in length. We tie the ends of the elastic together to make a loop.

      Two children stand inside the loop so they are stretching it relatively taught around their ankles. A third person performs a series of hops and jumps, chanting appropriate rhymes. When finished, the height of the elastic is raised to knees, then thighs, then waist.

      Start with left foot inside the elastic loop and right foot just outside. Jump over to to the otherside so right foot is inside the loop and left foot is outside.

      Here is one of the rhymes we say:

      ‘Chocolate cake, when you bake,
      How many minutes will you take?
      One, two, three, four.’

      On ONE: jump up and land with left foot outside the elastic loop and your right foot inside.

      On TWO: jump up and land with both feet together inside the elastic loop.

      On THREE: jump up and land with both feet outside the elastic loop.

      On Four:jump up and land sideways to the elastic, with your left foot on top of the back elastic and your right foot ahead (in front) of the front elastic.

      If the current player fails to execute the correct jump their turn is over and play passes to one of the people inside the circle of elastic, who then tries to out do the previous player.

      I am sure, you remember NOW … πŸ˜€


  2. I’m an emotional woman too Audrey. Unworthy as well. Many times my mind is full of clutter, but if I look closely, I can find something nice, something unique amongst the clutter. You obviously do too.
    to sit beside,
    material rubble,
    for peace.”
    –I love the way this reads. Hmmmm, what’s going on in that CADHA mind of yours? (CADHD – Creativity ADHD. Was talking about that with another blogger friend πŸ™‚ )

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