Blue’s Story

Downhill slope
Mistake made, hidden
Broken heart, angry
Left wishing that day away for years
Signatures on legal paperwork
Packing for three
Regrets in the thousands
All along thinking, it was me
Uphill climb
Driving North
Silent heart, settling
Years of failings grieved
Light passing through windows
Touch of familiar love, family
Might take a decade, or less
Children, a pug: dependents
Nothing the same, yet, I’m me
Travel horizons
Positives shall return slowly
Hopeful heart, settling
My world at my side, loves
Patience astounding, blessed
Grace given and accepted, free
Continuity remains new for now
Life allowed back in. Glory be.


22 thoughts on “Blue’s Story

  1. Every relationship is composed of two and therefore two are responsible, sometimes one more than the other. Please stop blaming yourself. Were you to have stayed, would he have changed? You know the answer. The way to guarantee an ending is to bow yourself off the stage – which you did, with grace and integrity.


  2. Sums things up nicely, Audrey. Love the positive ending notes! Sounds as if you’re gaining strength day by day — not a bad thing at all, you know!


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