Love took a muted hue when he left
I believed every word he said
As if spoken to my heart
Trusting him was easy
Now what will I do
Try to explain
I was used
His love

( Nonet: 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Syllable(s) )

No secret that I sometimes require strict rule following to write. My mind is a stubborn place.

But then I found my poem to be so incredibly sad, so I wrote another.


Come witness poetic loyalty
His devotion to my spirit
Not even I can believe
He allows fate to guide
Respite found in me
To my surprise
We can dream


32 thoughts on “Trust

  1. I really like the first poem ~ it is this perfect, harsh bite of reality that everyone feels at some point in time…kind of the raw emotion that remains hidden. It has to be let it out at some point, and then when it does come out ~ following it up with poem number two is what life is all about. Beautiful Audrey ~


    • Our chat is nearly over and this is about the time my soul starts screaming, “Make him stay!” Thanks for being so supportive and liking the first poem. Yes, Dalo, we’ve all felt this at some point, and if I could have kept you from feeling it I surely would have. Hidden is for the best, but the emotion should be shared, so I try. Poem number two…yeah. I agree.
      Always so happy to have you near, My Photographer Philosopher Extraordinaire. Enjoy your week and safe travels back to China. I’ll be thinking of you. ♡


  2. I totally feel the sadness in the first one here, Audrey. Nonet? Whoops, guess I slept through that lesson, too! Shame on me for wasting perfectly good educating!
    I think the second one is lovely in its calm. “Safe” is always a good place to be. And both photos are stunning — you’re blessed to have such a view!


    • Yes, there is a sadness in that top one. It can be rather easy to pull sadness out of me. Probably because I didn’t release it a few years ago when I should have. Perfect timing…! You should practice a nonet. It definitely makes you simplify, which I adore. I wasted plenty of my college time, as well. I was too busy trying to be an accountant and then journalist, then a speaking Spaniard, then a statist. ..and philosopher….ultimately a social behaviorist with a teaching background. See? Plenty of time wasted.
      Safe is ideal! Always. Thank you…sorry for the ramble.


    • Gee, now you’ve got me wondering whether I should have “released sadness a few years ago,” too. It’s a puzzlement. But at the time, I had to be strong — for lots of reasons — so things got buried. Hey, do you think that’s why I’m writing poetry now, when I’ve never considered myself a poet??

      You’ve got a broad spectrum of interests there, Audrey. I was going to be an English teacher, then a musician (probably a Band director). Funny how some of us know little about what we want to be when we grow up (and four years in college doesn’t give us near enough time to choose, ha!)


    • I do think that is why you’re writing poetry now. Embrace it, Debbie. I’ll be here. ♡

      Yes, I was interested in everything. I wanted to know everything. I still do. Forever learning and asking questions was maybe my motto. No. Not really, but it should have been. I could be a student for life, I think. Band Director. …seriously brave of you. I wanted to be a Literature professor. I enjoyed English…but stink at remembering rules.


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