Sunset Conversations


What are we doing out here at this hour, Ma’am?
Why, good evening to you, too! Clearly, this walk isn’t going to go as smoothly as I’d hoped it would, Sir.
What was your plan? For me to trip…?
No, just a nice walk, really. Not sure why I’m bothering now.
I can barely see, you know!
Oh, it isn’t that dark outside. You can be such a grouch.
Yes, well, you’re no sweet peach either, my dear. Thank goodness for this slow sunset or we’d be sunk.
Good, I’m glad you noticed. Look how well the sun’s fading away. Isn’t it something? Just perfect, really.
Hard not to notice, Audrey. The sun setting provides the only available light tonight. It shouldn’t go unnoticed.
Do you see the clouds over there, Darling?
You mean the feathers falling to the right of us?
Those clouds are feathers?! Why, I’ll be! Will you look at that
Yes, feathers from a white goose or a pillow, if the goose has been used properly.
How nice. Your mind is very sweet tonight. I’m going to ignore your attempt at being wicked. Everyone knows a goose is better used alive.
Pfft! No, it isn’t to both remarks, Lady. What, so these aren’t the clouds you wanted me to see then?
No, I was looking at those clouds to the left of us. They’ve almost created a direct path to the sun. A perfect walking path…
Don’t you think that’s a bit of a stretch. We’d be hopping more than walking, I think. I worry about your mind, Madam.
Probably…So you don’t see the path? I find it very sad that you can’t imagine walking on a path of clouds towards a sunset.
Hmm. Yes, sorry to disappoint you.
It’s okay. Best if we begin our walk back home now, anyway. It’ll be dark soon.
Walk?! Not now! Hurry, gather those feathers. We’ve been given a gift. I’m flying you home tonight.

The Road Home


Yes, you found it,
This is the road,
The one that’ll take me home.
Country girl,
With a heart for rock-n-roll.
Listening to your music,
Takes me there again,
Dark rooms with neon lights.
Strings that soothe,
The tremors at night.
Being swept away to a beat,
Fuels a passion inside me.
Drinks which prove,
A bleeding heart,
Will do just about anything.
Dance with you and with him,
Either way I lose myself with them.
This time I’m wiser,
I know what I want.
On the dance floor.
To a higher power.
A desire,
With swift awakenings.
Wrap me in your lyrics,
Teach me with your strings,
Let’s dance.
Allowing, your lead.

Our Fantasy


I’m a dreamer and nothing more
Reality, much easier to ignore
This green is a part of me
Sings sweet music
Of folklore
Fairy dust
Fair maidens, it seems
Be my Robin Hood
You have to
You must
These tears
Falling are true
I’m nothing without you
Lost in a reality
I don’t understand
Yet, clarity
You seem to understand
Take control
Sing the verse
Let your strings
Pour through first
Lay with me
Under this fantasy tree
Put your able hands
All over me
Passion a must
You, I trust

Our Loss

Quiet this morning
Without you here
Clock keeps ticking
Fridge keeps running
My vision continues to blur
Tears of sorrow
Only allowed now
When I can sit
Reflect with respect
You all deserved more
I wish you were here
Calming your families
Bringing them joy
Instead you are in Heaven
War will always be part
Of who you are
But you were so much more
Some gave all
You answered the call
While we stood here
Holding our flag of freedom
You were asked to risk
War and duty took your breath
I owe you at least this
Yet, so much more
Should leave my lips
Thank you
We miss you
Peace be with your families


Ms. Audrey
Says good-bye today
My darlings
Please remember
To love stronger
To hug tighter
To sing louder
Than any other
New words taught
From me to you
You to me
There will never be another
Quite like you
Fantastic group
Good-bye, my loves
Won’t be long and there will be others
Demanding my attention
Hugs and affections
Remember today, always
I care for you
And will miss those sweet kisses
Monday-Wednesday-Friday group
My Panda Class
From here to the moon
My devotion is true
Ms. Audrey loves you

Boo hoo! Saying good-bye to my MWF students today. A Prayer Celebration full of angelic voices may be heard…just listen closely. You may also hear me weeping, too.



Hey, Sister
Hiya, Sis
Whatcha doin’
Nothing really, just wanted to run something past you. Do you have a minute?
Of course, are you writing again?
Yes, it has been kinda rough lately.
Are you okay?
I’ll be okay. Ever wonder what might have been?
Yeah, I do, Auddie.
I’m finding out who I am, you know?
Do you like her?
She isn’t what I expected, but clarity produces relief so that feels good.
I’ve always known who you are, Sister.
I’m not brave enough yet.
You are to me.
I miss you, you know?
Not as much as I miss you, Aud.
I’m thinking I should write the rest of this book in Nebraska.
You mean come home for the summer?
Yes, well part of it, anyway.
Your room is ready.
I need to sit beside you.
I know.
Maybe twist my curls and tell me I’m who I’m supposed to be?
You know I will.
Just sit here with me right now and wait, okay?
Anything to help.
I can hear you breathing.
I hear you, too.
Scary knowing what you want, isn’t it?
Yes, Audrey, it is.
Are you doing okay?
No, I’m worried about you. You’ve been so quiet for so long.
I know. I’m sorry…

Damn It!

Sat in on my first poetry reading today.
Since college, that is.
Of course, I sat in the back.
Scared to death for all Poets.
Only fifteen of them.
The African American was phenomenal.
His deep voice calling me in.
As if saying, Audrey, join them.
Open mic, yes, it was time.
Nerves shot, don’t call for mine.
No one forced.
Each one took a turn.
Audrey clapped.
Audrey laughed.
Audrey shed her tears.
Show them who you are, darling.
I whispered to myself.
My voice already shaking.
Lack of confidence, maybe.
But I’ll do anything in full view.
Play a part.
Smile my smile.
Sing a song.
Laugh til it drives you wild.
Share myself?
My poetry?
My soul?
Who I am?
I just couldn’t.
I didn’t.
Leaving again.
Damn it!

Some Place I Know


Come with me
Will you
Tonight’s decision
May take two
See beyond the water
Within the stone
A dark black hole
Somewhere to be alone
Could we go
Tis an adventure
Filled with surprise
Searching for answers
Many about life
Loads of lessons
The other side, amazing
Better for the journey
A thrilling ride
Responsibility’s side
However, option number two
Sounds dreamy
I think so
Don’t you
Something steamy
Allowing us to breathe
I feel you touching me
First time
Head spinning
Over and over again
Means everything
Slow kissing
Feathered hand
Across my breast
Nipple erect
My fingers lingering
On your chest
Yours upon my jaw
Minds losing a battle
Bodies answering a call
Falling into you
My hip feeling the heat
You commanding
Me submitting
This time
Our needs will decide
Reckless abandonment
Awakens from inside
Deep dark cave
Knows what we crave
The release of feelings
Saturday night

Yuan-fen 缘分

For my friend, Randall, the Oregon Cowboy, one man in pursuit of his 缘分 (yuan-fen). My hope is that I have a small piece of you, Randall, figured out. My prayer will be safe travels for you always in China. May you find all that your heart and hard work are leading you towards. Take this poem and make it yours.
~ Audrey

Craving emotion found in poetry
You found me
You’ve seen my soul
Now, let me see yours
I’d love to know
What joy is found in yuan-fen 缘分
Small town boy

You’ve caught my attention, my passion
Yuan-fen links destiny and action
Devine thoughts, Oregon cowboy
Your mind awaits fate’s reaction
Could these two dance, forever after
I understand, pre-ordained
The life we have been given

I too, seek reaction
A constant flow
You say destiny waits on me
The answers, humanity holds
You’re reaction waits on you, too
Humanity needs a push
How about you

What are we left to conclude
Choose to take
Offer to forgo
The path defined by yuan-fen 缘分
Yuan 缘 pulls two souls together
Fen 分 the depths of hard work
A journey of enlightenment

A cowboy with a camera
Traveler, who are you
Moving towards self discovery
Mighty diligence of pursuits
A heart similar to mine

The great unknown
Alive, yet hidden in mystery
Trust without fear
Bravery, you inspire me
Are you comfortable with your soul
Leading through such amazing photos

A fated life worth the work
Deeper than simplicities
Choices never ending
Our object of selection
Must be proven by our path
Says your ancient Chinese, yuan-fen symbols
We must relax

You have it all figured out, Photographer
Philosopher, owner of an extraordinary mind
Own it
Believe it
Sell it to me straight
Impressive expression, solo rider

Your art, like mine,
Quite a solitary life
Single soulful being,
In the pursuit of a dream
Yuan-fen your motivator
Karma, your powerful stream
Photographer, you help me to believe


Walk with me
Force me to go slow
Let’s go nowhere in particular
Ask me how I am, now you can
Wait for my brave answer
Use your voice to comfort a poet
Hold my hand, make me hold yours
Point out life’s simplicities
Prove to me they are worth my time
Make me think, hard
Tell me to stop worrying
Remind me who is leading me
Force me to look into your eyes
Insist I be me

Jazz Music

I had a hard time writing last night. Going back to Ambrosia, who is now, Amelia, helps me remember why I’m writing my book. Getting lost in music helps too, I think. Always. (Inspiration for my novel found here.)

Empty streets
Dark concrete
Nasty puddles
No rain for days
Water still reflects
Visions of pain
Find me
I went there again
Corner club
Jazz, yes, always
Door man nods his head
Let’s me in
Watches over me, usually
Smokey air fills my lungs
Heart already lost, deep bass
Sunglasses hide his eyes
Head swaying
Beard in layers
Sorrow fills the room
Music consumes
Quietly I wish for you
Collar up
Heels click on the floor
Lyrics speak
Like a dream
Beat soothes my soul
I’m no one’s treat
Here for the beat
Tonight’s for me
Needing to breathe
Needing to feel
Needing music
Whether scared
Music helps
Mostly, I need to breathe

You Don’t Know Me

Another shot at a writing prompt from Mr. Don Charisma – Disapproval . Hope you enjoy! I am a bit nervous posting this one, but in true form…off the cuff it is. This will be my last poetry post until Monday. Enjoy your weekend! ~ Audrey

I see how you look me,
Disappointed in my choices,
Sad for my soul.
Dismissive of my presence,
Within these four walls.
Hoping to stir inside of me,
Brutal melancholy.
Desires inside of you,
Need for me to change,
My thinking, my ways.
You eye my golden cross,
Which rests upon my breast,
A true devotion for His cause.
I will battle your urges,
Which I sense,
To rip this symbol from my chest.
I am His,
He is mine,
We work together, He is Devine.
You must take yourself away now,
His power will defeat your goals.
The intensity of you watching me,
Well, it seems rather bold.
Eye for an eye, if truth be told,
His proverbs from times of old.
Mustn’t strive to make those crumble,
Christians alive and well will meet,
Swords of Glory, til you stumble.
Back to where you came from Devil

My View

Sending me pictures
The three of you together
A vigil you’ve created
May God bless you
Should be four of us in that room
Three sisters and a brother
Watching over our mother
Instead I watch with only a small view
Your faces should ease my worry
Instead I close my phone crying
My weakness is eating me alive

What Is Everything

Treasures from my heart
The gems no one else gets to see
The ideas that complete me
Gives you the lock to my key
My feelings

A need for someone
To push me too far
To make me feel anger
Allow me the act
Teach me to throw
Multiple plates through the air
Create an opportunity
Make me bow to weakness
I want to lean on somone
Catch me once, please
For my love
Paint me a picture
Of my tears
Show me they’re beautiful
Worth sitting near
Each and every freckle
How you hold it dear
Force me to look at myself
In a mirror

This simply
What I want
Force these feelings out
No one ever has
Well, just once
She’s bat shit crazy
Just look at her eyes
Made up
No long lost love
Back in India
A story created poetically
I just wanted closer to you
Something to fight about
To make me feel alive
It was what I needed
My heart’s open
Not a scorned woman
Just one begging to feel

What people don’t see
When they look at me
Is all my vulnerability
Years of controlling
Any feeling
In hopes that another
Wasn’t victim to stealing
Yet happiness the latest casualty
See what I do to me