Kindred Spirit


Thank you
For rising
Even when you
Can’t find a way
To see past
Your dark days
Thank you
For believing me
When I say
I need you
I trust you
I feel you
Without a doubt
Allow me to
Illuminate your soul
I love you
Kindred spirit
If truth be told


25 thoughts on “Kindred Spirit

  1. Isn’t it amazing how sometimes……… kindred spirits seem to appear under the most unusual circumstances… but love cannot be denied to one who fits so perfectly within our souls…


  2. I love the idea of ‘kindred spirits’ as expressed in this lovely poem. I have one and her friendship is one I treasure. It’s good to have people who lift you up, who encourage you on even your darkest days. They should always be treasured… just like this lovely poem. Thanks for writing this valentine to kindred spirits!


  3. This makes me think of when I did the musical “Anne of Green Gables”. Have you heard of it? I played Anne and had to sing a song with her kindred spirit, Diana. The name of the song is “kindred spirits”. Have you ever had a kindred spirit Audrey? I haven’t.
    Great poem.


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