Sunset Conversations


What are we doing out here at this hour, Ma’am?
Why, good evening to you, too! Clearly, this walk isn’t going to go as smoothly as I’d hoped it would, Sir.
What was your plan? For me to trip…?
No, just a nice walk, really. Not sure why I’m bothering now.
I can barely see, you know!
Oh, it isn’t that dark outside. You can be such a grouch.
Yes, well, you’re no sweet peach either, my dear. Thank goodness for this slow sunset or we’d be sunk.
Good, I’m glad you noticed. Look how well the sun’s fading away. Isn’t it something? Just perfect, really.
Hard not to notice, Audrey. The sun setting provides the only available light tonight. It shouldn’t go unnoticed.
Do you see the clouds over there, Darling?
You mean the feathers falling to the right of us?
Those clouds are feathers?! Why, I’ll be! Will you look at that
Yes, feathers from a white goose or a pillow, if the goose has been used properly.
How nice. Your mind is very sweet tonight. I’m going to ignore your attempt at being wicked. Everyone knows a goose is better used alive.
Pfft! No, it isn’t to both remarks, Lady. What, so these aren’t the clouds you wanted me to see then?
No, I was looking at those clouds to the left of us. They’ve almost created a direct path to the sun. A perfect walking path…
Don’t you think that’s a bit of a stretch. We’d be hopping more than walking, I think. I worry about your mind, Madam.
Probably…So you don’t see the path? I find it very sad that you can’t imagine walking on a path of clouds towards a sunset.
Hmm. Yes, sorry to disappoint you.
It’s okay. Best if we begin our walk back home now, anyway. It’ll be dark soon.
Walk?! Not now! Hurry, gather those feathers. We’ve been given a gift. I’m flying you home tonight.


55 thoughts on “Sunset Conversations

  1. How great is this! I enjoyed the walk 🙂 And your other poems along the way. I found you commenting on some blog I was reading. Your name caught my eye, having an oldest daughter with a red headed daughter who’s favorite pose is in the air upside down on a trampoline LOL


  2. I really love this post…just finished talking with a small company in Australia who makes these incredible high-quality sleeping bags for mountaineers ~ and I hope to supply them with the down & feather needed 🙂 So this post is so perfect in how I am seeing work and the world these days. Great dialogue in this piece and a wonderful last line!


    • You do? Yay!! I love that you understand and appreciate this type of thinking, Randall. Your story has me shaking my head. What are the odds of that?? First of all…sounds interesting. Do you hunt for the feathers…I’m just all sorts of questions on what it is that you do when you’re not taking pictures and writing meaningful prose, Randall. You’ve simply teased me here today. Who is the man behind the camera… mystery man, indeed.

      Glad you enjoyed my humbled attempt at wishful dialogue and that last line was thought of at the very end. I love it when that happens!! 🙂


    • The factory I work with does all the actual sourcing, but I also get to bounce around China with them when necessary…really enjoy the people I work with over here. This piece really had great dialogue, and always a joy to read.


  3. To think some people have to spend good money on hallucinogens, but writers get these experiences for free. 🙂 Enjoyed this Auddie.


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