Jazz Music

I had a hard time writing last night. Going back to Ambrosia, who is now, Amelia, helps me remember why I’m writing my book. Getting lost in music helps too, I think. Always. (Inspiration for my novel found here.)

Empty streets
Dark concrete
Nasty puddles
No rain for days
Water still reflects
Visions of pain
Find me
I went there again
Corner club
Jazz, yes, always
Door man nods his head
Let’s me in
Watches over me, usually
Smokey air fills my lungs
Heart already lost, deep bass
Sunglasses hide his eyes
Head swaying
Beard in layers
Sorrow fills the room
Music consumes
Quietly I wish for you
Collar up
Heels click on the floor
Lyrics speak
Like a dream
Beat soothes my soul
I’m no one’s treat
Here for the beat
Tonight’s for me
Needing to breathe
Needing to feel
Needing music
Whether scared
Music helps
Mostly, I need to breathe

51 thoughts on “Jazz Music

  1. Music is therapeutic for sure. I hope you like mine? It’s jazz too. Have a listen to “Midnight in Manaus” for a fantastic guitar. Then there is “O Rio Amazonas” for the sexy saxophone. They will be out in about a week in my album “Manaus Where Two Rivers Meet”.


  2. I love jazz music, and better still, jazz bars. I lived in Buenos Aires for almost 3 months. Argentina is a night country. By that I mean that people are awake at night. There are great bars with different themes and even free theatre (you pay after whatever you want). Anyhow, I’m not a bar person, but I am a culture person. We found this really cool live jazz bar. It was dark inside and there were about three levels. You could either stay on the main level and hear/watch the live jazz, or you could go down some stairs to one of the other levels to just have background music. A great place for some nice conversation with a friend or a group of friends even.
    However, I’m sensing in this poem that the person wants to be alone and reflect – have some ‘me’ time. Jazz bars are good for that too.


  3. Music is a double-egded sword, in my opinion. Not for nothing one should keep the old saying in mind: Where music and its instruments are played hypocrisy grows in the heart as water makes plants grow …

    Man is the master of his feelings and, normally, this is non-negotiable. If one starts intoxicating himself, he will loose his “I”, ultimately.

    Therefore, what should be pondered in advance, always is the question: Do I rule the music? Or does this music rule me?

    In other words: After waking up from a possible surrender, have I moved towards my “I” or did I potentially move away from it?

    The first leads to a better understanding and realisation of one’s underlying strenght and, therefore, improved mastership to concquer life.

    The second, well … you have written the poem you have written, haven’t you?


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