You Don’t Know Me

Another shot at a writing prompt from Mr. Don Charisma – Disapproval . Hope you enjoy! I am a bit nervous posting this one, but in true form…off the cuff it is. This will be my last poetry post until Monday. Enjoy your weekend! ~ Audrey

I see how you look me,
Disappointed in my choices,
Sad for my soul.
Dismissive of my presence,
Within these four walls.
Hoping to stir inside of me,
Brutal melancholy.
Desires inside of you,
Need for me to change,
My thinking, my ways.
You eye my golden cross,
Which rests upon my breast,
A true devotion for His cause.
I will battle your urges,
Which I sense,
To rip this symbol from my chest.
I am His,
He is mine,
We work together, He is Devine.
You must take yourself away now,
His power will defeat your goals.
The intensity of you watching me,
Well, it seems rather bold.
Eye for an eye, if truth be told,
His proverbs from times of old.
Mustn’t strive to make those crumble,
Christians alive and well will meet,
Swords of Glory, til you stumble.
Back to where you came from Devil


61 thoughts on “You Don’t Know Me

  1. I know, I know… too many comments from this guy…
    I have to… can’t help myself…
    Never disappointed in your choices, because they are you…
    Can’t dismiss your presence because my light becomes a beacon when you are near…
    Don’t want you to change… not your thinking.. not your ways…
    Never mess with perfection…
    Your golden cross is beautiful right where it is… near your heart
    Okay… I’m through now…


  2. Excellent poem and such a great play with how disapproval can be a great thing… Love this creativity, such absolute talent with these words to take the dismal feeling of disapproval into something so incredibly positive. A nice way to start the weekend.


    • You know…you make me smile, Randall. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy hearing from you. Your description of my poetry makes me sound like a poet. Thank you for that… Your coming back to say hi makes me strive to work harder. Thank you for that, truly. Hope you took some fantastic photos today, even if it was your day off. Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to… Good night, Photographer 🙂


  3. A poem for Easter weekend, indeed, Audrey. Good Friday, super Saturday, Happy Easter Sunday. I am ready to cook my traditional Polish dinner on Sunday. May your weekend be full of great things, too.


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