Ms. Audrey
Says good-bye today
My darlings
Please remember
To love stronger
To hug tighter
To sing louder
Than any other
New words taught
From me to you
You to me
There will never be another
Quite like you
Fantastic group
Good-bye, my loves
Won’t be long and there will be others
Demanding my attention
Hugs and affections
Remember today, always
I care for you
And will miss those sweet kisses
Monday-Wednesday-Friday group
My Panda Class
From here to the moon
My devotion is true
Ms. Audrey loves you

Boo hoo! Saying good-bye to my MWF students today. A Prayer Celebration full of angelic voices may be heard…just listen closely. You may also hear me weeping, too.

28 thoughts on “Adiós/Good-bye

  1. Hi Audrey, I’ve been out of the loop for a bit and the title of this post brought me up sharp. Soooooo glad you are not leaving your blog. Your little Pandas will miss you for sure and some will doubtless come back next fall for another hug from their red headed teacher.
    Me, I’ll be back for another read of your blog – thankfully, yes.
    Shari *: )


  2. I just found my youngest grandchild is in 5th grade. How did that happen? His mom was in first grade last week. When she reminded me how old she is I told her to just shut up. I want my time machine right now, so they can all be tiny and cute and cuddly again, parents and grands both. Me too, for that matter.


  3. Phew! For a moment there I thought you were leaving wordpress. I thought, “No, it can’t be”.
    Awwwww, I’m sure you will miss your students. Cry a little. Then be happy because you have the summer now.


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