Our Fantasy


I’m a dreamer and nothing more
Reality, much easier to ignore
This green is a part of me
Sings sweet music
Of folklore
Fairy dust
Fair maidens, it seems
Be my Robin Hood
You have to
You must
These tears
Falling are true
I’m nothing without you
Lost in a reality
I don’t understand
Yet, clarity
You seem to understand
Take control
Sing the verse
Let your strings
Pour through first
Lay with me
Under this fantasy tree
Put your able hands
All over me
Passion a must
You, I trust


67 thoughts on “Our Fantasy

  1. Honey, I was JUST looking at one of my beautiful trees and saying I MUST photograph her. I do not understand this reality either, my friend, and I let tears fall with yours. I understand Mother and LOVE but not this world. Beautiful post, Audrey. Just beautiful. Thank you so much! LOve, Amy


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