Winter’s Melody 

Shifting of branches
Crack of her limbs
A melody of tinkling,
The cause for my grin.
Ice sliding downward
Upon a water bed,
And these sounds,
Caused by the wind.
A reason for pause
A merge of solitude,
I wonder what if
or possibly, what then.
Turning to ask,
A fog of memories,
Finding you further away
And our story, at its end.

You’ll Know

You’ll know
It’ll be in the way
She holds you
Her embrace
Loves without doubt
Believes in
Open doors
Inside of the sidewalk
Strong hand leading
At the small of her back
Accepting sounds
As answers, a sigh, a groan
Gentle smirk and stern look
Her embrace
Accepts you
And honors
Who you’ve always been
For it is your transparency
She adores
And how your love feels
When she’s against your skin

Wrap Me


Wrap me tight
I need to feel you
Whisper that I’m okay
To be lost this way
I know you’ve been here
This same place
Maybe different thoughts
Yet, always same place
Full of pressure
Yet, not alone
But all alone
You know?
Smiles on the outside
Tears allowed
Only for me
I could be
A different breed
Women need
Women seek
Advice, daily
Not me
I couldn’t possibly
Show weakness?
Not in front of you



Whether intended or not
Pieces lost in battle
She’s found here
Among life’s surplus matter
She continues to twirl
Assimilating to her station
Rock and debris
All suit her, strangely
Her beauty appealing
Red and yellow colors shine through
Hues of her personality
This known to be true
Comforted in troubled surroundings
Her artistry finds significance in rubble
See her petals
Call her, Firewheel
A Southwest Señorita
Preferring it hot

Shining inauspiciously in this spot

Deep Intuition


Deep into blue
You know me
I know you
You’re right
You’ve planted a seed
I’ve come willingly
Visions and feelings
Crystal clear images
Consuming our days
Write what I can’t say
Do what you do best
Intuition has a hold
You’re brave
You’re bold
Following your mind
Doing what your told
Show me what you know
I’ll be your flower
Sting me
Make it all go away
I feel the words
They’re on my lips
I can’t force them
I’ve tried
Feel this ache
Pressing inside
You’re in there
God knows why



I try to write
Yet, nothing comes
Too much uncertainty
Consumes my thinking
I’m left with nothing to feel
Come to me, my muse
You know what to do
I’ve nothing to give
Living in darkness
However, it all runs through me
Their pain
His fear
Her joy
Your love
My desire
I’ve nothing left to offer
Come get me
Make them all go away
Allow me to lose myself in you