Clearly anxious, misinformed, she,
Caught up in believing half truths.
Effortless care, still a mystery,
Darling, then along came you.

A path you provided, as her lead,
Encouraged life bright from blue.
A lady, now reborn and finally free,
Adorning light from shadowy hue.

Observing strength, submitting,
From your power, her soul drew.
Radiant eyes beaming belief,
I look in the mirror, I see you.


Hey, y’all. So the second half of the excerpt I wanted to share with you will post this morning.

I probably read similar content inside Danielle Steele’s novels in high school, but just to be sure I’m protecting anyone who happens upon my blog for the first time by making the excerpt private.

Imagine that post being the first words they read. Phew! I’d be setting expectations a bit high from then on, I think. We all know I’m just a messy poet.

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Without your bravery,
I couldn’t be who I am,
Which is protected.

Without your devotion,
I wouldn’t feel what I do,
Which is secure.

Without your desire,
I couldn’t sense your love,
Which surround my decisions.

Without your service,
I wouldn’t understand sacrifice,
Which in humble graditude, I bow.

Without your commitment,
I couldn’t be me,
Which I will love you for, always.

To all Veterans I want to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Audrey ♡

Raindrops Have Names


The dark clouds were here when I woke up this morning. The pinging sound on the window panes, as each raindrop hits, beckons me. Raindrops knocking at my soul. Reflective puddles growing in size right outside, so similar to what needs to be accomplished in myself today. The rain is taking the lead and nourishing everything green, and me. The scene has been set. The rain arriving today, of all days, is poetic comedy. A satire, it seems. It sums me up perfectly, don’t you agree? Oh, how I love a double entendre.

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Some Place I Know


Come with me
Will you
Tonight’s decision
May take two
See beyond the water
Within the stone
A dark black hole
Somewhere to be alone
Could we go
Tis an adventure
Filled with surprise
Searching for answers
Many about life
Loads of lessons
The other side, amazing
Better for the journey
A thrilling ride
Responsibility’s side
However, option number two
Sounds dreamy
I think so
Don’t you
Something steamy
Allowing us to breathe
I feel you touching me
First time
Head spinning
Over and over again
Means everything
Slow kissing
Feathered hand
Across my breast
Nipple erect
My fingers lingering
On your chest
Yours upon my jaw
Minds losing a battle
Bodies answering a call
Falling into you
My hip feeling the heat
You commanding
Me submitting
This time
Our needs will decide
Reckless abandonment
Awakens from inside
Deep dark cave
Knows what we crave
The release of feelings
Saturday night


Mr. Don Charisma’s Compassion Challenge: This one’s been a long time coming. I started this blog over a year ago now and haven’t written but two poems about my mother. Lot’s of pain there, but good pain. I love her. We’ve been through a lot. She is what strives me to be who I am today. She is a woman of courage. One day, I’ll open up more about our relationship, but tonight I felt the need to write this poem. It worked out perfectly…I just had to go for it and write it. Not think, just do…(Tomorrow morning will feel like waking from a one night stand…be gental, friends.

Hey, Momma
It’s me, Audrey
Your red headed, baby girl
You left me in charge at twelve
I knew how to make lasagna
You taught me well
I also know that you had to go
Left without a feasible choice
You and Dad, loved each other
Somewhere deep inside
Young souls
Hard knocks
Emotional Distance
Ended it all
Now I understand
As a young girl I couldn’t have
I’m a woman
I’ve felt that pain
I tried my best to help you, during those days
Raised your three other beauties
While you chased a dream
Today, I understand life isn’t easy
When you sit back and reflect
You feel like you abandoned us
As children we would’ve agreed
As adults, we forgive
Four children have seen where you were
You and Dad, well, yeah, blew it
Teenage forever love, how many truly achieve
We love you both, and the times we’ve had
Forgive yourself
Live life now
Enjoy knowing we turned out well
We’re all part of you
Your love proved, seeded deep
Maybe, we wouldn’t change anything
We met our Dad, after you left
He had to meet us half way
He did, it’s okay
We all turned out fine
Blessed journeys either way
Parenting isn’t easy
No one is perfect, no way, no how
Belive it, tis true
Let’s make the most of our time now

You Don’t Know Me

Another shot at a writing prompt from Mr. Don Charisma – Disapproval . Hope you enjoy! I am a bit nervous posting this one, but in true form…off the cuff it is. This will be my last poetry post until Monday. Enjoy your weekend! ~ Audrey

I see how you look me,
Disappointed in my choices,
Sad for my soul.
Dismissive of my presence,
Within these four walls.
Hoping to stir inside of me,
Brutal melancholy.
Desires inside of you,
Need for me to change,
My thinking, my ways.
You eye my golden cross,
Which rests upon my breast,
A true devotion for His cause.
I will battle your urges,
Which I sense,
To rip this symbol from my chest.
I am His,
He is mine,
We work together, He is Devine.
You must take yourself away now,
His power will defeat your goals.
The intensity of you watching me,
Well, it seems rather bold.
Eye for an eye, if truth be told,
His proverbs from times of old.
Mustn’t strive to make those crumble,
Christians alive and well will meet,
Swords of Glory, til you stumble.
Back to where you came from Devil



Beyond time there is forever
I’ve been exclusively drawn
Past our realities we’ve been chased
Address: water dreams
No permanent place
White sails our home
Crystal clear memories to come
Lost lives we’ll count them,
One by one
Doing life without you, not an option
You’ve won
Follow me into forever
Each amorous night beginning,
with devouring our setting sun
Nothing but blue ahead of us
Leave the green behind
Teach me the sea’s sweet melody
Only symbolic option I can find
Nourishing waters will feed
Your Pisces, me
Poseidon will greet us,
Just beyond the horizon
The logic behind our fate
I was his
Now I’m yours
Dreamlike state


I grew up taking care
soothing pains
of those who suffered.
Who taught me?
Two sisters, brother,
mother and a father.
Oldest Daughter
fights for all.
Redheaded sister
hugs when they fall.
Don’t tell me
I’m vain,
or bloody insane.
The poetry
I write
is of happiness,
often healing me
at the end
of my day.
I tend to
women’s tears,
when there’s no
money for simplicities.
I feed children
with no lunches,
after mothers
have forgotten.
I fix worn out clothes,
even when I don’t know how.
Trust me, these people
I know;
live in my heart.
I’m not
what your
eyes see,
my poetry,
an escape for me.
I write of love
hoping to create it
for all those who
are denied.
Yes, I admit, it helps me too.
Am I confident?
Yes, I cannot help
this part of me.
Take it or leave it.
Maybe, just let me be me.
I know suffering
I feel it everyday
humanity is
my sibling,
my child,
my sister,
my friend,
my brother,
and my end.
I will go to my grave
trying to save them all.
I’m allowing you
to catch me when I fall.
Look me in the eye
when you’re looking
for a fight.
This girl will react.
I just might…



Spring flowers
Growing wild outside,
And in my mind
Remind me why,
I chose today to fly
Should I trust
I’m a small bird
In a big world,
An overwhelming view
The rain was massive
A tsunami,  of sorts
The wind blew,
Yet allowed me to stand
Then made me climb mountains,
Scream towards this vast land
View ocean’s waves,
Pondering thoughts in my brain
But it was the train, train, train
What I would give for one more ride
One more try
I blame Spring Break
That nasty troll
The best was the robin red breast
I loved his sweet tune
All of these reminded me of you
March came in like a lion
Been sitting like a lamb
Bring the lion back
Is all I ask


Three pushing inside of me:
What I want to do – I cannot do
What I want to write – I cannot write
What I want to say – I cannot say

What I want to believe – I fight to believe

Three comfortable inside of me:
What I can do is dream – I shall dream
What I can do is think – I shall think
What I can do is feel – I shall feel


I saw you standing there
Let me in
Address Eden
Come sit beside me
Blackened heart of yesterday’s evils
Much to learn from hearts that beat
Red in color pulsing deep
Rest in comfort
In all that is green
Let me tell you
About a boy
Heaven’s Majesty
My eyes see
Black is curable
Love is all you need