Clearly anxious, misinformed, she,
Caught up in believing half truths.
Effortless care, still a mystery,
Darling, then along came you.

A path you provided, as her lead,
Encouraged life bright from blue.
A lady, now reborn and finally free,
Adorning light from shadowy hue.

Observing strength, submitting,
From your power, her soul drew.
Radiant eyes beaming belief,
I look in the mirror, I see you.


Hey, y’all. So the second half of the excerpt I wanted to share with you will post this morning.

I probably read similar content inside Danielle Steele’s novels in high school, but just to be sure I’m protecting anyone who happens upon my blog for the first time by making the excerpt private.

Imagine that post being the first words they read. Phew! I’d be setting expectations a bit high from then on, I think. We all know I’m just a messy poet.

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Without your bravery,
I couldn’t be who I am,
Which is protected.

Without your devotion,
I wouldn’t feel what I do,
Which is secure.

Without your desire,
I couldn’t sense your love,
Which surround my decisions.

Without your service,
I wouldn’t understand sacrifice,
Which in humble graditude, I bow.

Without your commitment,
I couldn’t be me,
Which I will love you for, always.

To all Veterans I want to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Audrey ♡