Beyond time there is forever
I’ve been exclusively drawn
Past our realities we’ve been chased
Address: water dreams
No permanent place
White sails our home
Crystal clear memories to come
Lost lives we’ll count them,
One by one
Doing life without you, not an option
You’ve won
Follow me into forever
Each amorous night beginning,
with devouring our setting sun
Nothing but blue ahead of us
Leave the green behind
Teach me the sea’s sweet melody
Only symbolic option I can find
Nourishing waters will feed
Your Pisces, me
Poseidon will greet us,
Just beyond the horizon
The logic behind our fate
I was his
Now I’m yours
Dreamlike state


34 thoughts on “Dream

  1. “Beyond time”
    –I’ve been thinking a bit lately about the limitations of time and space. The rush rush of life. Actually just posted a poem about it. Imagine how it would be without these limitations.


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