Raindrops Have Names


The dark clouds were here when I woke up this morning. The pinging sound on the window panes, as each raindrop hits, beckons me. Raindrops knocking at my soul. Reflective puddles growing in size right outside, so similar to what needs to be accomplished in myself today. The rain is taking the lead and nourishing everything green, and me. The scene has been set. The rain arriving today, of all days, is poetic comedy. A satire, it seems. It sums me up perfectly, don’t you agree? Oh, how I love a double entendre.

Β Alone here in this quiet room with my keyboard. Ominous, really.Β My goal is to write about myself today, in hopes that something I produce will help put my life choices into perspective. You see? Conceding to my inner thoughts is what needs to be done. I’m letting go of this calculated control over myself and of what I allow to be seen. Accepting fate is my plan.

I will give in and let the intimidating words flow freely. I pray that what I learn will teach me. Oh, please! Β Something. Anything. Enlighten me, this is my plea. Isn’t that what writers are supposed to do? Lay our feelings out there completely in hopes that someone else understands and benefits. In the end, offering them a helping hand. Otherwise, holding ourselves back just kills us one quiet moment at a time. Stay with me.

Raindrops like teardrops
I’ve attached your name
Randomly, to each one
What have I done
Who are you really
Audrey Dawn
What is your plan
Decide on your words
Move forward safely
Stay here, bored, or
God, no!
Not backwards
You were born to explore
Only one choice
Now isn’t there
Cut the strings
Release the control
Words are begging
Allow us to be free


64 thoughts on “Raindrops Have Names

  1. Creative, and like the intro and thoughts that you describe in this post…a nice, deep, philosophical post that is perfect for a rainy day (and a perfect environment for introspection). Another wonderful poem, full of feeling.


  2. go spelunking, one of us will always be at the other end of the rope if you need someone to pull you out of the depths. fear can keep us from writing that which we most need to write. be fearless. and enjoy the process and the journey.


  3. Awesome! You were born to explore Audrey. Write away girl. You have the summer to do so.
    Have you ever read the book, “The War of Art – Break through the blocks and win your inner creative battles”, by Steven Pressfield? It’s a good read for a writer, or any creative.
    Hope you’re have a great start to your summer vacation.


  4. Very heartfelt self discovery piece. I enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚ And a little, “You go girl!” to boot.


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