Mr. Don Charisma’s Compassion Challenge: This one’s been a long time coming. I started this blog over a year ago now and haven’t written but two poems about my mother. Lot’s of pain there, but good pain. I love her. We’ve been through a lot. She is what strives me to be who I am today. She is a woman of courage. One day, I’ll open up more about our relationship, but tonight I felt the need to write this poem. It worked out perfectly…I just had to go for it and write it. Not think, just do…(Tomorrow morning will feel like waking from a one night stand…be gental, friends.

Hey, Momma
It’s me, Audrey
Your red headed, baby girl
You left me in charge at twelve
I knew how to make lasagna
You taught me well
I also know that you had to go
Left without a feasible choice
You and Dad, loved each other
Somewhere deep inside
Young souls
Hard knocks
Emotional Distance
Ended it all
Now I understand
As a young girl I couldn’t have
I’m a woman
I’ve felt that pain
I tried my best to help you, during those days
Raised your three other beauties
While you chased a dream
Today, I understand life isn’t easy
When you sit back and reflect
You feel like you abandoned us
As children we would’ve agreed
As adults, we forgive
Four children have seen where you were
You and Dad, well, yeah, blew it
Teenage forever love, how many truly achieve
We love you both, and the times we’ve had
Forgive yourself
Live life now
Enjoy knowing we turned out well
We’re all part of you
Your love proved, seeded deep
Maybe, we wouldn’t change anything
We met our Dad, after you left
He had to meet us half way
He did, it’s okay
We all turned out fine
Blessed journeys either way
Parenting isn’t easy
No one is perfect, no way, no how
Belive it, tis true
Let’s make the most of our time now

45 thoughts on “Mom

  1. The fact that you can write this beautiful poem from the loving place you write it….really does show that you DID turn out a whole lot MORE than alright. Bravo to your tenacity and beautiful heart! Gorgeous write.


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  3. My sweet curly haired girlie. Things are not always thought out clearly…..and as life continues the foolishness of some are pointed and stark. My decisions are mine to be owned…even though the ones I made at “that” time are ones I have wished a million wishes I could take back.The pain is photographed in black and white…with no escape. Shadows whisper….and memories hang you out to dry. Clear thought was not present…and consequences were absent.No one will ever know my sorrow. I have shed my tears…my heart has cried….and my soul has wrenched. The lord has had his hand on each and every one of you kids…..I am in all your lives and we all love each other deeply…..and that is a blessing that I carry in my heart. Forgive myself….maybe someday…..but I missed so much….and caused so much ache! I have always loved flowers and all the flowers I have in my life…..keep me smiling …..and grateful……..THANK YOU


    • You are being awfully attentive tonight, Randall. Very sweet of you, you know. I’m waiting very nicely for a new post from you. It’s nice reading about where you’ve been. I suppose I’ll have to go and read where I left off. It’ll be like going back in time…which is always fun, of course.

      Thank you! She’ll love these words, for sure.


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