Hey, y’all. So the second half of the excerpt I wanted to share with you will post this morning.

I probably read similar content inside Danielle Steele’s novels in high school, but just to be sure I’m protecting anyone who happens upon my blog for the first time by making the excerpt private.

Imagine that post being the first words they read. Phew! I’d be setting expectations a bit high from then on, I think. We all know I’m just a messy poet.

Now, to warn you all. This is two characters, Amelia and Jake, having sex. I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you. It’s raw. Now, that being said, they are two multidimensional human beings on a life boat ethics quest, and they love each other very much.

I believe this novel to be more than the scene I provide here. Nonetheless, I guess I need to show you who I am as a writer, thinker and woman. First, you should know, I’m capable of writing more than 29 words, and in the end this novel is where my thoughts are hidden.


Shoot me an email, hide your request for the password in a comment of an old post of mine or….concentrate really hard and I’ll get your request telepathically, which honestly only works for a few of you, so don’t hold your breath. 😉 ♡

Not sure why the song, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, continues to play in my head, but I’m fairly certain I feel like this could end like a bad one night stand. I won’t hate you if you cannot look me in the eye tomorrow.

So now I’m rambling because I’m nervous…you’d think we were about to have sex.

I warned y’all that I was bashful.

Okay. Okay. Okay. It’s fine, I know. We’re all educated adults…I’m blushing. I wrote this and now I want you to read it. I need the honest feedback. I know there are plenty of mistakes, but does the scene create an honest emotion in you? Were you bored? Is the interest there to want to continue?

I wanted the scene to be sensitive and without a lot of description apart from their moment.

Anyway, this is it. I am tired of the draft in my Posts section whispering to me… “Audrey, publish me.”

Don’t look at me…No, do! Hard. Eye contact. Lots of it. Okay. Have I talked you out of reading this? I hope not.



35 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. Audrey, the last thing I’d want to do is hurt your feelings, but I’m going to have to pass. I don’t read explicit sex scenes, so I’d be a very poor judge of whether this one is any good or not. Don’t hate me, okay? There’s lots I don’t read — literary fiction, memoirs, etc. — so I’d be a lousy judge of that as well. That said, I think you’re very brave to ask for critiques, though I know you’re among friends here!


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