Seasons Of You


The blues set in
I cry, weeping into the abyss
Why, oh why, won’t you come close
What I did was never discussed
Maybe you’ve decided, I’m not good enough
Spring blooms
I feel refreshed and new
Believing, I’m finally over missing you
Accepting, our fate, you for who you are
Me for always having been too late
Images of what could be, consuming
Summer arrives
My body sizzles as I get lost
Alive with your scent on mine
Longing to fulfill desires
Your name boldly rushing within my veins
Water over takes, I feel your waves
Fall begins
Brown sets in
A final call for you to arrive
This feeling of love held deep inside
I want, I need, I must, yet, distrust
Your promises falling through, I need you

25 thoughts on “Seasons Of You

  1. A simple ride through the season…like the simple ride through life. I enjoyed the swings of emotions, and the sense that we will do it all again ~ experience all that there is to offer from life.


  2. Read the first line and wondered, whether I just missed something. 🙂

    Followed by a great wave of relief, the matter had moved on towards the now, thank you very much.


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