New Love

*For my grandfather who is 80+ and living to date another day. He is unstoppable even after outliving two wonderful wives.*

Love sick poetry
They thought he’d never see the day
Oh, Puppy Love how could you do him this way
Isn’t he far past such a feeling
Imagine what he’s been dreaming

Drawing hearts, ribbons and bows
Maybe her name inside his prose
Giddy with laughter
Everyone shaking their heads

What will we do with him they all said
They have no idea what to think
Putting away the romance novels, this guy is in deep
It’s honest, it’s true
Love after 60 can happen even for you

23 thoughts on “New Love

  1. Well, I’m not 60 yet so there is still hope? Haha…at times I’m like 35 and others like 95 πŸ˜€ . How sweet about your grandfather. I’ve enjoyed your love poetry. Stings at times but that’s for the moment. I love the playfulness of being in love–fresh, new, or refreshed. Sometimes I think it is more what we see in our thoughts–what we are chasing and hoping to catch. Too often it slips through our hands without us realizing. πŸ˜‰ Very nice!


  2. What a wonderful testament to your fathers experiences!!

    You write beautifully – definitely brought a smile to myself and kind of knocked some sense into me.. I’m 35, and currently entirely single (though to be fair) not really looking.. BUT I do not intend on growing old alone.. lol

    Thanks for sharing

    Miss Lou


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