Valentine Kiss

Come closer, true love
Let these hands linger
Allow them the sides of your face
Stubble, smooth sliding down
Coming up, rough pleasures
Fingers slowly walking
Close your eyes, my dear
The softest of skin found on your lids
Feel this cool touch, a satisfied trace
Your eyes gather charming colors
Wonderment of thoughts inside you
Fingers journey to your temples
Rub a sliver of the pain away
Relax, these hands love you
Relieved to feel your hair so soft
Twisting smells of you float within
Between all fingers, anticipating
Desires awaken, hair pulled too tight
Lean in, surrender your lips
Soft and supple, manly enough
Just what a woman wants
Predestined connection fulfilled
First kiss or last pay no mind
It’s all she’s craved today
Nothing else truly matters
Oh, Valentine

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