15 Tips for Writing Poetry

My friend, Jacqui, gives solid advice on writing every day on her site, Worddreams. Her tips, as an editor and accomplished author, have often helped me strengthen my writing. I’m humbled with her mention of my poetry today and during April’s National Poetry Month. Her gift this morning brings a shine to my eyes and fuel to my journey. Thank you, Jacqui. ♡

poetry 2Poetry is not something I’m good at writing so I enjoy it vicariously through online friends like Audrey Dawn of Oldest Daughter and Red-headed Sister. I’ve been following her for several years and always find her poetry startlingly personal, quick peeks into a world ruled by emotion and heart. I’m way to structured for that so only enjoy it through someone else’s eyes.

To honor April’s National Poetry Month, here are fifteen tips from those who have no trouble delivering this concise-but-pithy form of writing:

  • avoid cliches. Too often, they are unoriginal thoughts on a subject. Instead of using these pre-packaged descriptions, create your own. For example: Instead of

Hard as nails


Hard as _____________________

  • rhyme with caution. It can become singsong. Beginners are (surprisingly) more likely to find success with free verse.
  • describe something or someone–no plot necessary. Unless you’re writing Narrative Poetry or an epic…

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26 thoughts on “15 Tips for Writing Poetry

  1. Hello,
    I am excited to say the least
    I found a new form of poem
    of which I had never heard,
    It came on the back of a bird.

    Energised by a poetic beast,
    I have been trying and plying
    Altering the flow until it clicked,
    Now it’s a go.

    A Cleave you see is a poem of three,
    read left and right and across the page
    There is one for him and you and me.
    I’ll let you read while quaffing tea.

    A funny introduction I’m sure you’ll agree, but press my link and see what I see.



  2. Gee, I think I’d better stick to novels! So many of these rules are things I learned in school and seem to violate regularly. Sigh. ‘Tis hard writing at all, isn’t it??


  3. This is wonderful and so true, although most is innate to me, I do often remember that this gift I value and adore is not always so natural to others. I particularly appreciate “rule #2”, Be careful to Rhyme only some of the time! 😉

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