My Heart

Feel that?
That’s my heart!
Hear that?
That’s my heart!
Sense that?
That’s my heart!
Love that?
That’s my heart!
Want that?
That’s my heart!

Hearts are a beautiful mess
Remember use heed with mine
This heart demands too much
Push all those feelings back
Run quickly the other way
My heart has been betrayed
Couldn’t possibly love again
Frozen often remembering
Lessons of yesterday learned
Day at a time – a prison to serve

23 thoughts on “My Heart

  1. Life need not to be
    A prison, a jail for dear heart
    Wake up, make up and take up
    Moments which will be lost
    Loving again is easy
    Forgiving is not
    They live happily
    Why should we rot
    Nothing deep, nothing profound
    Just a simple, shallow

    Beautiful poem, thank you πŸ™‚


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