Brace Yourselves…She’s Feeling Chatty


One of my favorite guys, Mr. Mark Bialczak of What Will I Write About Next, used the sneak approach to get me to accept the Liebster Award he offered out a few weeks ago. How’d he do it? He asked the right questions.

I admit to being caught off guard by Mark’s nod in my direction, but I have no good explanation as to why. You see, we talk weekly via our blog posts and quite rightly enjoy each other’s company, so it shouldn’t have been such a shock. How did we meet? I can’t remember, but we bonded a year ago over nicknames. He likes using them and so do I.

Mark had written a post offering his many nicknames, then he asked if his fellow bloggers used nicknames or had one of their own.

I’m a huge fan of singling friends out with a fun name, so I had to offer the many I’ve grown used to hearing. Mark explained that his grandfather called him Chum and his pals often refer to him as Zak. I quickly became smitten with the name Chum and often use it when chatting with him. What a great nickname.

My mother has always referred to me as Sis. My father called me Grace for years, because I was a bit clumsy as a child. My sisters began calling me Auddie as soon as they could talk and the name has stuck ever since.

My girlfriends in high school knew me as Auddie and the guys shortened it to Aud, which suits my quirky behavior, I suppose. My affinity towards odd numbers has nothing to do with the name similarity, I’m sure. Honestly!

Being a redhead offers up its own nicknames, as you know, but admitting to a couple I earned in high school could be a bit embarrassing even today. The first man to call me Red was the local bowling alley owner in my hometown. His son and I were classmates and we lived near one another. He was and probably still is a charismatic man. Now, coincidently, all the men who’ve ever called me Red have been confident, Mark included (and a bowler!), so fancy that my friends.

I had a few try to call me Carrot Top, but it has always been short lived due to a carrot’s top being green. Losers. 😉

My last two years of high school offered a couple more nicknames.

I was quite happy to go from Andre The Giant to Aud The Bod, my Sophomore year. (I was(still am) 5’10 in 9th grade) My father, however, was not amused that his sixteen year old daughter was known around town as Aud The Bod.

One of my very best friends, Corey, called me Fireball, because I had a bit of a jealously streak and temper. He enjoyed my name and I suppose I earned it. Somewhere along the way, and for a very short time, the nickname Fireball was flipped to Firecrotch, by our male class clown. I was the female class clown, and funnier than he was proving to be. Quite honestly, I think he’d just figured out that red hair on top meant red on the bottom, as well.

The name didn’t last past the day it started. I’m thankful the best group of jocks I’ve ever known for protecting my honor and shutting him down. When you’re seventeen it pays to be the funny, shy, sweet redhead with the nickname Aud The Bod, I guess. A girl can get things done that way. I have always been blessed with wonderful protectors.

So a walk down memory lane for me, some insight for y’all and a reminder for Chum that I have a great memory. He reminds me that I’m still a spring chicken with loads of life ahead of me. His way of saying I’m too young to use a phrase like “back in my day”. I remind him that he’s not allowed to insinuate that he’s Father Time. Age is nothing but a number, my dear.

About time I answer Chum’s questions, I think. I’m going about this award acceptance a bit differently, since I no longer accept awards due to time constraints and the fact I’ve been given most of them already over the last two years. I feel foolish accepting them again. The shy lady still lingers. Awards continue to humble me.

I’m so thankful to be acknowledged for my efforts. Visit Chum’s blog, you guys. You won’t be disappointed. He has great taste in music, he has east coast charm and he has proven to be a loyal newsman. Thanks, Mark, for your constant support and friendship. Keep rockin’ your beard. Ya know I love it. ♡

Mark’s eleven questions are below. I’m going to do my best to answer them, while continuing to entertain, since that’s kinda who I am.



1. What’s the first thing you usually read each day?

The first thing I read in the morning is the weather, so I know how to dress when I take Oscar, the pug, outside. Maybe that doesn’t count though, huh? I usually check the ongoing chat feed that I have with my siblings. Inevitably, I’ll fall asleep first during an important conversation the four of us are having, so I check in to catch up on what I’ve missed.

2. What’s your favorite food?

My favorite food is a waffle covered in melty peanut butter and warm syrup. Thanks for teaching me that one, Grandma Maxine.

3. What’s your favorite beverage?

Water or a Gin and Tonic with tons of lime, if those aren’t available then a shot of tequila and slice of lime.

4. Where’s the best place you’ve ever lived?

I haven’t lived there yet. When I find it, I’ll let you know. I loved growing up in Nebraska and living in Texas has been great. However, I know my best place to live is still out there to discover. I’ve only ever lived in the midwest. (NE, KS, CO, MO, and TX)

5. Who’s your best friend, and why?

My best friends are my siblings, Baby, Middle and Big Brother. I couldn’t choose between them.

6. Who’s your worst enemy, and why?

To my knowledge the only enemy I’ve ever had was a woman in college. She hated me after I began seriously dating instead of partying. About eight years ago she contacted me through Facebook. I asked her why she wanted to be friends with me, someone she didn’t like in college, and basically she told me she was sorry for being jealous of my self confidence and that she envied my ability to make friends. I told her it wasn’t my fault. She could blame my overly confident parents. 😉 It felt great to know that I no longer had an enemy. Secretly, I know more exist, but they’re kind enough to keep it to themselves.

7. You have one day to do anything you’d like. It would be …

Zip line through all the forests I’ve yet to see with someone who will appreciate them as I do.

8. What’s your favorite movie?

Tough one for me, Chum. The Gods Must Be Crazy…because I remember watching it as a child with my dad and listening to him laugh. What I took away from that movie was my desire to recreate that laugh over and over again. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty hit me straight between the eyes. I suppose, it’s my favorite movie.

9. What’s your favorite book?

Nope. No way could I answer this one. I loved reading The Secret Garden as a little girl, in high school I was obsessed with The Great Gatsby, Animal Farm and Huck Finn. By college I’d read and reread Walden many times and it still is very much a part of my life. Now, I read anything that takes me somewhere else.

10. What’s your favorite subject to talk about at a party?

Adventures. I need to have them, I thrive on finding them and I’d love to go on one with you. Let’s talk all night.

11. What’s your favorite subject to walk away from at a party?

That’s easy. Me.


42 thoughts on “Brace Yourselves…She’s Feeling Chatty

  1. Although I have been following you for… ummm… quite awhile… you’re not appearing in my reader. So… I come to your site to catch up on your posts and find this “audaciously” written non-fictional work of art awaiting to entertain me. Not only did I remain thoroughly intrigued through the entire story… then I had to read all the conversation that followed. I really cannot tell you when I have enjoyed reading anything more than I have enjoyed this. I certainly feel like I might now know you a little better than I did yesterday… and I thank you for that opportunity. The nicknames part of the story were amazing… fun to read. Of course, now we’re going to be expecting more of these delightful self incriminating stories from you… and don’t be surprised if in the near future, one of my ‘odd’ or ‘aud’ poems happens to speak of an ‘audacious dawn’…
    Thank you for brightening my entire week… *still smiling*


    • Michael, I’ve read this so many times tonight. You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face if you tried. Thank you! *blushing* *shy eyes* I’m so happy you enjoyed this post. This is 100% me. Who I am, as a woman. I feel adored by you. And it feels amazing. Your poetic words are cherished and I will be watching for such a sweet missive. It would make my day. I love how you’ve lifted me up. I feel perfect in your eyes. Thank you… ♡ *smiling too*


  2. Wow! This post really is brave, letting us know more about you, Miss Audrey! Funny, but I’d have never guessed your height — all the redheads I ever knew have been on the short side. And I love how creative your family and friends have been with the nicknames. Isn’t it funny how we pick up nicknames over the years — and bestow them on others completely without shame?!?


  3. Loved this post! Very cool, all the nicknames. I’ve had a host,too, I think. Nicknames are always so creative and sometimes cool.

    Walter Mitty! Wasn’t that just a fun movie? Adventures are awesome. But I agree, it’s best to run from the subject of one’s self at a party; I do it all the time.


    • Thank you, my dear. You’ve given me a fantastic nickname. I should have added present nicknames, as well. My bad. You should share what your nicknames are, I think.

      I love that movie. Everything about it. Let’s make one of our own. You ride the skateboard and I’ll jump from the plane. Yes, we’re both quite good at running from speaks about ourselves. It’s our thing we do that’s the same…amongst many others. ♡


    • *laughs* I was thinking that you might, but you didn’t! It’s cool, though, that no one’s ever called you “Audith” before. *laughs a bit more* Mine? Well…V is the latest one, believe it or not. Even Vinny–at times.

      Very true. We’re similar in a lot of way, I’d say! I want to jump from the plane! Probably not, in reality. Let’s play tennis.


    • I should have but then the post would have been even longer. I was boring you to tears enough already. Yes, it is true. You’re the only one who calls me Audith. *smiles brightly* Let’s keep it that way, shall we? Vinny and V are nice names. Are you Italian?
      Yeah, I think so. Are you my brother? In reality I don’t want to jump from the plane, but I need to and want to be forced to, I think. Buckle up. How’s tennis going? Are we playing couples or am I kicking your butt in singles? *laughs* FYI…I’m better with help.


    • You were not! I love when you do those sorts of posts. Tops. We’ll keep it that way! If someone starts calling you that… *hands Audith the katana* Kill them! Well, I like to say I’m 100% American, but, yes. Ancestry all Italian. Imagine!

      *knocks Audith out of the plane, then jumps* Goodness. What a fall. Hope you have a parachute. Well…I’m horrible at it, I fear, so you’ll probably kick my butt in singles and couples…of course, I know the difference betwixt those two…


    • I was, but I refuse to argue with you, Duketh. Thanks. *sparkles* Kill them? *big bright eyes* Umm…I’m not allowed. *lays the katana down gently* I’ve not used one before, you know . I’m all American, too. I think Italians are awesome. Loud. But awesome.

      Hey! This is fun, *does cartwheels in the air* if I don’t have a parachute you’d better be holding on to me. Or you’ll have me and Charlie’s death on your hands.

      There’s no way I’d beat you. You’re younger and quicker! Seriously? You know the difference, right?..


    • Not allowed? I suppose it is rather harsh. Okay, you don’t have to. Loud? *laughing lots* I guess so…I’ve never had thinks upon it.

      *laughs* I don’t have a parachute…I was counting on you, see…

      I don’t, really! I suppose it’s just doubling up? I’m way older than you, madam!


    • Okay, thank you. But they’re still not allowed to call me that, for the record, you know. *sparkles* Tis true…you’re voices carry mighty far. Impressive, really. I like it. Very commanding.

      *stops in mid air* What? Seriously? *walks home mumbles about his timing and lack of imagination the sudden*

      Yes, two against two, Duke. *laughs* How can you not know? Do you really live under a bush? Way older? How old am I?


    • Good. That’s a good record, right there. Wow…and I never figured this. *goes and tests it out*

      Oh, you can’t walk home…you have to think of something or….SPLAT!

      *laughs* Sometimes I think I do, you know. How old are you? Won’t tell!


  4. This is so worth the wait, Red. I feel like we talked half the night! Chatty and happy and freely you. Way to go, Aud.

    Great answers. Of course the weather report counts so you can walk Oscar! We don’t want you freezing or sizzling, you know! May you get that great state and best adventure, sooner rather than later, my Red. — Chum


  5. I love the post!!!! The Gods Must Be Crazy – is such a great movie. I tried for years to figure out how they make that clicking sound when they talk. Still working on it.


  6. Odd the Bod…I like that one 🙂 And what a great look into your life with this post, written so very well and it is clear to see both your confidence and humor and how well they work together. I also like how you bring up how you began calling Mark “Chum” as that is a good story (and a good nickname as well). I did not see Audacious in there…but my guess is that this nickname will stick and grow along with your legend 🙂 Enjoyed reading this very much this morning. Cheers ~


    • I see what you did there, Dalo. You’re a funny guy. Haha. Yeah, Aud the Bod or Odd the Bod either way was a true rite of passage, I suppose. I thought a little background story on Mark was fitting. I enjoy reading about he and his wife, Karen’s life in Syracuse. Well, I think I am waiting to see if Audacious sticks, Photographer Philosopher Extraordinaire. Seems to be the adult version of Aud the Bod. I do love that new nickname of mine the best. I’m glad you read this post and learning a little more about me can’t be all bad. Enjoy your evening. I hope your day was eventful. xx


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