Desire’s Recapitulation

to admire – positive judgement
     assume greatness
adoration – deepened affection
     fulfilled within greatness
to consume – accede desire
     ravenous acts of duty
obssess  – diminish reality
     mistreat self


9 thoughts on “Desire’s Recapitulation

  1. This is beautiful Aud, in the sense to me the flow of life from our wonderful highs of respect (of ourselves) and flying high until we go a bit overboard, and our obsession reels us in as we experience our diminished reality; lows that are never too much fun. What a great range of emotions to experience in so few words ~ you are definitely a poetess after my (our) hearts πŸ™‚ Enjoy your weekend my dear Audacious ~


    • You wrap me around your talented hands quite easily with comments like this one, Dalo. You explain me so well and see into our humanness with very little effort. I quite enjoy knowing you’re near, my Photographer Philosopher Extraordinaire. Heading into my weekend with the largest head you’ve ever seen now! LOL
      Be good and I hope you are well. β™‘ You hit me right in the feels with your nickname dropping in the comments. We’ve shared many trips around this sun together. Humbled.


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