A Reason To Be

I love to giggle. I adore it even more when a man’s wit creates the sound.

My innocent body relaxes
I can sense the twinkle
shining through my eyes
my lips pursing
into the formation
of the shyest kiss,
as I try to hide
my complete adoration
for his ability
to find what makes me tick.
It’s the surprise
I see fall across
his instantly relaxed face,
the shift of his lean body
and how his shoulders
square up, go from bent
to straight,
a chuckle so magical
I’d fight to hear it again
this is beauty between
a woman and a man.
A dance so delicate
it goes unseen by most,
yet for me
being a part of it
gives me a place
in this world, a reason
to be.


18 thoughts on “A Reason To Be

  1. Lovely how you’ve written this Audrey. The ability to make me laugh has always been at the top of my list (along with intelligence and kindness) when it comes to men. May you soon be blessed with such a man. πŸ’ŸπŸ’—


    • I’m so happy to hear you can sense love. I can’t wait to spend my days looking into the eyes of someone full of life. Reading a post full of cleverness brought a smile to my eyes and I realized how much I love that feeling. Physical and intellectual attraction is so exciting. One day I’ll have my chance. Thank you, Shari


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