A Life Brand New

Merry Christmas Eve –

My presence hasn’t been here for quite some time and for that I’m truly sorry, yet I know y’all understand.

The Advent season is a busy one in my world. I’m thankful for the focus I have on work this time of year. I’m grateful I get to share my work, love for Jesus and how the two are one truly. I adore showing this to my family.

I was blessed this month to receive encouragement, acknowledgment and thanks for the work I do for my community. People see value in having me near.

They’ve seen positive change in their children, parents and the elderly they love whom I get to teach every week in one way or another. I only know how to live through example.

How I conduct myself, raise my children and support others is the only way I’m truly seen by those who want to know me.

This Christmas I pray you see reasons why you are loved. There’s a special sort of blessing felt when we finally feel seen.


with nowhere to hide
openness pours
at the foundation
of a life brand new

Merry Christmas, Friends

– Audrey


26 thoughts on “A Life Brand New

  1. Audrey, it’s wonderful to hear from you anytime, but especially at this season, and especially since you’re feeling loved and validated. Sometimes we need to take that step back to see the whole and realize our part in it. Wishing you and your family much joy, good health, and the rich promise of a new beginning.


  2. Merry Christmas Audery! I am glad to hear that people realize the good work you do and the good example you set. I hope you know that you influence many more people. They may not realize it now, but you make a difference in their lives.


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