Delightful Epiphany

it is his love i seek
his attention for which
i plea,
my sun, all the stars
in my make believe,
are shining again,
i’m suddenly awake,
and know just who i need.


17 thoughts on “Delightful Epiphany

  1. Obviously my worldview is colored a certain way and so that most certainly predicates the thought on my mind as I looked and read. That said…..

    Stay on that straight and narrow path long enough and you will meet the Son at the end of your day’s walk.

    (Yeah, ok, I’m the odd bird out here.)


  2. Audrey, I nearly always forget to tell you how much I love the photos that accompany your poems, and as you are usually (always?) the photographer, I’m leading with this comment. I really love this beautiful photo – it makes me want to walk down that path beside the trees.

    Then, how wonderful to read an upbeat poem. It’s a perfect expression of hope and desire in few words. The mastery of a true poet. And of a contented person.


    • You know what, Shari, I take them so I can relax enough to write my heart. Somehow, knowing the photo inspired me helps connect it later to my poetry. I am always the one behind my cell phone, a few times I’ve been gifted with a friend’s photo and used it.

      I’d walk this path with you.

      The poem came to me this morning. It was quite a relief and joy to hear in my mind. Thankful for this blessing.

      Thank you


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