A Life Brand New

Merry Christmas Eve –

My presence hasn’t been here for quite some time and for that I’m truly sorry, yet I know y’all understand.

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March Delivers

Shivers promoting
Springtime with an opinion
Nature amazes

Came home for lunch today and I’m freezing cold. It’s raining again.

 I looked out my kitchen window and was inspired by the shadow my enormous tree had created on the concrete. Not sure my words reflect the object by any means, but I felt compelled to share. 

Either way, I believe this picture will inspire another poem soon enough because I’m drawn to it. Maybe you are, too.

It’s a gloomy day, yet I’m perky, which doesn’t always pair with the rain. Maybe it’s time to dance…

Back to work.. ♡

Soft Signs of Soon

Soft signs of soon
Soon, signs of soft
Signs soft, of soon
Of soft, soon signs
Soft soon, signs of

*Taking four words and writing poetry.

The phrase “soft signs of soon” caused such comfort this morning. Curious to see when placing them in a different order would body and mind react differently. Comfort, anxiousness, hopefulness, reflection, and peace were felt after each line.

I’m focusing on language and how it causes the poet in me to react. I’m happy with the outcome of this exercise and wanted to share it with y’all.

Does this make any sense to you or have I arrived at the Cliff of Rediculusness? Smiles. So what if I have…

A quick glance into my today. I do hope all is well in WordPress land. Thank you for continuing to read my poetry, as of late. I’ve shared much of what was written over the past year. There will continue to be some of that, please take caution when reading and don’t worry too much about me, as not all will reflect the moment.

I’m full-time mom, full-time employee, and full-time single household juggling, so please know I appreciate you being here in my space and leaving an encouraging word.

Your understanding and support means more than you will ever know. I recognize how difficult it can be to write while continuing to be present enough to encourage your peers. You never go unnoticed. I want you to believe this most importantly.

Thankful you still see the remnants of a Poetess about, as she is the woman who inspires me and the one I will crawl on my knees, however the distance, to find once again.