It Was Always Okay

It was always okay
For me to be me
To tend to others
And giggle like i was free

It was always a good time
If i intently gave my attention
To those surrounding
Eager for affection

The smile i offered
It was always a lie
Unseen; no one who mattered
Tied up inside


21 thoughts on “It Was Always Okay

  1. This is the way we’re taught to show ourselves to the world – smile and keep our troubles to ourselves. Thank heaven for poetry – it plumbs our hearts and sets us on fire. Sending you love, Audrey. You are going to feel all that goodness on the inside.


  2. This disturbs me a bit, Poetess. I suppose we all turn an outward smile to the world, even if inside, we’re hurting or afraid, but how blessed we creative types are to have an outlet for our feelings!


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