His Presence

Cardinal bird, a King
Came to see me
His voice authoritative
Until my eyes met his
Then tender he became
While looking intently into my soul
He touched the base of who I am,
Sensing my purpose, desire.
Have I touched him? No,
Yet, he is what I’ve known
Should exist.
Oh, light he provides
Stay, please
I am his.

*Photo doesn’t do these words justice, however, I had to try for a picture. Please excuse my inexperience.


25 thoughts on “His Presence

  1. We see a couple of Cardinals during the year. They are always set off (distance and appearance) from the other birds. They make such a magnificent appearance. I like the thought that they come to share their beauty with us.


  2. I don’t think inexperience is a word that pops to mind regarding your images. I do think that Cardinals are the state bird and I do believe that there are currently two pair at my bird feeder. I love watching them as they light in the blooming trees. Lovely contrast of colors.


    • I just meant that, well, my goodness a real camera would have shown you the beauty I was fortunate to see with my eyes. A video, even, so that you could hear and laugh at the insistent tone of his, while trying to get my attention. He sat there for a long time and just for me. My heart open as I watched him do what he does best, in my opinion. Inspire. Lovely.
      The picture you paint sits so well with my poem today. I could watch a bird feeder for hours. Not sure it’s the best use of my time, but there it is.
      Thank you for your comment, C. β™‘


  3. You’ve heard that Cardinals are messengers from those who’ve passed, haven’t you, Miss A? I love seeing and hearing them, and I never fail to thank the Creator for sending me one so I can know my daddy is doing okay!


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