who we are is decided
yet ever flowing, correct?
be the breeze; gentle and free
be steadfast in image, thought
and deeds,
I see you, Mr. Redbird, I see you
watching me among the debris.
Your tweet insists following
or even a reminder you’re near,
but most of all its a sign
I do know love, and hello new year.

His Presence

Cardinal bird, a King
Came to see me
His voice authoritative
Until my eyes met his
Then tender he became
While looking intently into my soul
He touched the base of who I am,
Sensing my purpose, desire.
Have I touched him? No,
Yet, he is what I’ve known
Should exist.
Oh, light he provides
Stay, please
I am his.

*Photo doesn’t do these words justice, however, I had to try for a picture. Please excuse my inexperience.