overwhelmed with responsibility
I listen to the rain fall for hours early this morning.
not a bird rejoices
as dawn breaks, although hidden
but the train travels through
twice, horn insistent.
strong coffee brews,
snowflakes appear
beauty automatic,
like women with blue eyes
and goldenrod hues of hair.
a tantrum wouldn’t fix
what’s inside my head,
use the wisdom and
traits God gave me
stop worrying about
what’s changing.
snowflakes fall
white covers the ground
my lilies now
curled back in fear,
winter refuses to leave
and I wish you were here.


52 thoughts on “Direction

  1. ah – so awesome – could feel so much mood and emotion
    and not sure about the line of women with blue eyes??? that just felt out of place with the hair line too – but hey – this is your work and was done so well – esp with that photo


    • I appreciate your constructive feedback, prior. Thank you for your kind thoughts, too. The blue eyes and blonde hair sorta stemmed from that girly feeling women sometimes get surrounding their poor self image and wishing they were ahead of some crazy self imposed idea of perfection they’ve created or allowed the opposite sex to decide for them. The old saying blondes have more fun comes to mind…
      In this poem I feel it fits the image of beauty, even if I’m the redhead with hazel eyes writing it out.
      I’m happy you liked the photo.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Amen! I don’t care whether “they” call it global warming, climate change, or something else. It’s the winter-that-wouldn’t-quit, and most of us wish it would!!


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