Haibun – A Talking To

Haven’t checked in with you for awhile, you’ve been busy. It’s time to see how you are, dear one. With you, even a thorough inquiry will leave a lot left untouched, but we’ll do what we can.

Be honest with yourself.

You haven’t been open to nurturing, it seems, or for my hand the way life intended. So much has changed, yet the same you is before me.

Your inspiration has changed, hasn’t it?

The wind that once fed your lost soul isn’t as salty as it once was, the insignificance you felt and knew well, has healed. Now you’ve transformed your smallness into a wider range of dilemma brought on by your own reoccurring self-doubt. You waver. Thankfully this isn’t your reality, if you’ll only watch yourself move your body.

And for you this is real progress.

There’s a desire within. One you don’t talk about often, if at all. With the possibility of true love finding you, the openness to receive it now welcome in your heart, will you surrender? There’s a feeling of brief cowardice surrounding you.

Don’t submit to the anxiety laying against you.

Believe in the possibility of life’s intentions. You’re deserving and bring with you a host of qualities easily adored.

Patience is requird.

Some advice, my fair one. Don’t fall in love with someone else’s someone. Wait for yours. They’ve needed to heal, too. Eventually, your offering will erase their scars and they yours.

You will love again.

walk reality
progress continues forward
window wide open

Thank you for reading. The haibun form is explained by the link provided. Simply click on this Haibun. I’ve written plenty of haibuns in the past leaning properly into the rules and forming my prose around nature. However, this time I chose to use my creative license, as the redheaded poet in charge of this blog, to write and share what pleased me.


22 thoughts on “Haibun – A Talking To

  1. This is truly beautiful. It expresses so much of what we all struggle with, but rarely honestly state. YES, True Love will find the delicate heart that waits! I have no doubt 🙂


  2. What beautiful insight into one’s self. We should all take a look inside far more often than we do. Of course… I have to be the odd one of the commenters and tell you that I think the most important line in this post is… “Be honest with yourself.”

    It’s amazing how many questions that I have been pondering today were answered right here in this one single… but most significant post. Synchronicity continues to amaze me.

    I suppose I’ll never write a Haibun. But I have found it most interesting. Just too many rules for such an un-normal poet as myself. Never seemed to be able to follow the rules of proper poetry.

    Keep that window wide open
    Keep the light on…
    You’ll still find that salty breeze in the subtle taste upon your lips…
    Keep the beautiful words of the redheaded poet flowing freely…


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    • This post helped you, Michael? Then it was worth sharing, I think. Your questions require a very important answer these days. Being honest with ourselves is important. Agreed. Even when we don’t want to hear it. The bonus is when it turns out better than any plan we have… sigh.
      I hope you feel up to writing a haibun soon. I think you might enjoy it. You may be un-normal, but you’re one of my favorite poets, Sir.

      Thank you for your poetry. Your answer to my thoughts feels like the warmest of hugs. ♡

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  3. I like this a lot, Audrey. I particularly like “Don’t fall in love with someone else’s someone.” Having made that mistake, many many years ago, and having found the benefit of finding mine.


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