for a blink
there was hope
found it smiling,
through the mist

light reveals
trickery, by hands
of man.

so now trust she may never
truly know again

without transparency


30 thoughts on “Doubt


    Transparency indubitably ideal
    Must be a both ways offering
    Though … So we inch forward

    Full of such lack of confidence

    Guardedly trading confidences
    And reactions … Testing, testing
    Are you receiving me? … Over

    The night sky pales around us

    Chink by chink the curtains open
    To reveal … only a tinted window
    Opaque … and that’s all she wrote


  2. A sadness in here, peering at the past and how it affects our view of the future. Your poem makes me wonder how much is transparent in the world out there. And I really like this photo, how the windmill mirrors the sun.


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