Essence of Her

she covers herself in blankets her Mamma made whether twenty years ago
or just last week

the thought of safety comforts me

every morning there’s a whistle at eight o’clock sharp
in this town where she
was raised

the example of reliability soothes me

And then, just like that

there’s a ceiling fan she cannot figure out how to shut off
its a reminder of her inability
while in the bedroom

criticism flows far too easily for me

stepping out into the world with nature surrounding her senses
there’s a peace released
acceptance implied

worthiness arrives to remind me


One day he’ll return with shadows
Another tenebrous path travelled
Carrying what he witnessed, as proof.
Upon his stoic face and disheveled hair
He offers, insight to pain that lingers

She’ll guide, with an air of tranquility
And with the touch of her warm hand
So he may return to his appendages
Left in her care, a guard on sacred land

His weakened back holds exhaustion
A celestial stretch moving his limbs,
Proof of his immortal strength, passion
He rests shoulders upon steal pinions.

Feathers quaver, show fine onyx wings
His flesh returns, breathing tempers
Eyes open, now the colors of heaven
While his spirit continues to reenter

No different from journeys past
Of which there are, and will always be
Travel logs full of omnipotent distance
For he protects us all, yes, willingly

The tempo of their embrace will matter
Most of all. Echos of the time they lose
Forgotten. As the hum of his battle cry
Quiets. And their love begins to soothe


In vivid dreams
I run to you
You run to me
Last night
There was no talking
At first I was sad
Our time
Is it over
Tears began to flow
You held me
Reminded me
Sweet Darling
We love our silence
Between hearts
Share a common beat
I woke up relieved
I love you
You love me
What we have
Will always be
Bright colors
I see them
Accross a wide sky
At dawn
In fields
Flowers bloom
Like you, beautiful
Laughter alive
Shared between friends
Stop worrying
Start Creating
Begin living
Make a path
A voice inside
Don’t give up
I think it may be you
You’re all around me

A Conversation

How are you?
Great. How are you?
You there?
Yeah, I’m here.
How was your day?
Good. Yours?
You there?
Yeah, I’m here.
Wanna talk?
You there?
Yeah, I’m here.
Anything special you want to talk about?
No, you choose.
You still there?
Yeah, I’m here.
It’s so quiet.
Yeah, it’s nice being here with you.
You still there?
Yeah, I’m here.
I hate your phone.
You’re holding it.
You make me laugh.
You still there?
Yeah, I’m here.

An Argument

A patchwork quilt spilled out and into a square. They fall into the covering and onto their backs.Two bodies side by side, together a powerful sight. Smiling eyes release their connection and turn upwards. Lost and gazing into a blue sky. White clouds overhead billowing, yet raging by. Arms pulled up and over their heads. Hands create sole pillows for their minds to find rest. Locked thoughts and desires just moments from notice or truth. With a bit of timing a mood changer created instead:

“Tell me of your life,” she whispered.
“There’s too much to recall, my dear.”
“Explain the cruelties of life, then. Start with why now and not twenty years sooner.”
“I can’t explain life, really. The fact is, my sweet, we aren’t allowed to question destiny.”
“Destiny? Is that what this is?”
“Now, look at that cloud!” he points upwards and across her chest.
“You mean the one over there that looks like an elephant,” she entertains.
“Elephant? I say, mountain.”
“Clearly, it’s an elephant!”
“Now, relax. Quickly, before the shifting begins, look again. See? Mountain…” he encourages.
“Maybe you could explain why you see a mountain and I see an elephant?”
“The explaination not as easy to believe, I fear. I’d like to see an elephant. I’m a believer in elephants. Alas, the cloud above us is a mountain strong and true.”
“So, you don’t want to see my elephant? You’d rather focus on your mountain?”
“Arguably, it isn’t as simple as what we see when laying here together.”
“I think it is. You don’t want to see my breathing elephant. You’d rather continue to view the cold hard mountain.”
“What is that supposed to mean? The elephant you see isn’t alive. It is a cloud passing by in the sky.”
“I think we both know what I mean!”
“I like laying here with you, though. It’s nice having a chat,” she exhaled.
“Yes, we should consider how to achieve more of that.”
“This…you mean. Achieve more of this…chatting.”
“No, I meant the disagreeing.”
“What?! Why?!”
“Ahh, it seems, you push me to look for elephants.”
“And I for mountains, my love…”

Push Me

Push Me!
Demand, I push you back
Open Me Up!
Force, my feelings out
Hold my arms down
Seize my eyes, as they attack yours

Feel it?
Feel that powerful tension
Don’t turn away
I need you to stay

Letting me win
Well, that’s often his way

Push Me, my whispered plea
Make me push you back
Open Me Up, I silently beg
Force my lack of feelings out