Witnessed, innocently
Anticipated, quietly
Watched, intently
Touched, lightly
Held, firmly
Plucked, quickly
Gathered, hastily
Smelled, eagerly
Viewed, brilliantly
Consumed, slowly
Satisfied, not even close


*your patience with the adverbs.. LYs is appreciated… it might be all about indulgence. Probably…


29 thoughts on “Freckle-ly

  1. Satisfied, not even close?
    Perhaps because it needed to be
    Kissed passionately
    Loved unconditionally…

    Now… I’m off to find a strawberry…
    or… perhaps something even more delicious


    • But what is left for the timid soul…
      Is it to divulge the truth of one’s heart
      In full view of all who wander
      Within the light of your words?
      Perhaps it is best to have it discovered
      In a distant time
      Written upon the once sacred walls
      Of secret rooms
      Now lost within the fire of circumstance…
      Paint… peeling from the ceiling
      Obscuring runes…
      Once having touched deeply
      The heart…
      Yet… in this new dawn of freckled crimson…
      We must find the soul’s passion
      Lingering in the hues…
      Of a concupiscent strawberry…


    • Shy, her shield,
      Sparkling eyes never quite reaching
      Those who find her,
      Bashful, worn with grace,
      Her words now yours
      May be timidly drawn,
      For those who deserve
      But written upon the skin
      With wanton fingertips
      For those who capture
      Her touch, heart, her mind
      And recognize the tingle
      She causes
      And willingly provides

      You honor me, Michael, with your presence. Grateful for your eyes on mine.

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  2. This made me wonder if you were picking strawberries in a field. Your poem celebrates how fruit should be eaten: sensuously. (Another adverb for your collection.) I hope you consumed more strawberries and found satisfaction.

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