When I’m outside,
From who sleeps
Night air, comforting,
I escape myself
Duties, responsibilities,
What keeps me
Level. Grounded.

Pressure leaves,
And I remember
Where freckles grew.
Born out of carefree
And just doing.
I see her; me
And how life built
Who I am today.
I watch legs running,
Eyes watching
And a heart willing.
There’s laughter
Even excitement
Within me.

I promise my heart,
As I exhale,
Return to reality,
These still live inside
The woman who
Gladly accepts
A challenge,
Of going it alone,
Even on nights
When it’s all so hard,
Because if I didn’t,
I wouldn’t recognize
Myself, or the wind
And how it holds me.


23 thoughts on “Confidante 

  1. That inner child is your vulnerability and it is vulnerability that allows you to experience the world. The two halves of every complete adult. It’s the incomplete ones we have to worry about.


  2. We all carry the child within us, Audrey. If we’re lucky, we allow her to play and enjoy the wonders of our world … though we must remember to live in our adult selves and accept the responsibilities of that stage of life. ‘Tis a balancing act, my friend!

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