Wide Open

Wide Open

magic seemed to crackle its way
through the clouds for twilight
a sparkler held by the hand we all know.

little orbs of hot air spun bright

spehers of knowledge,
seemed to be blown
just out of reach from where
I stood,
yet life looked alive as
the pastels spread

and something felt just as
it should.

Shades Of You

Like a soft breeze
Tonight you arrived
Feeling you
All majestic
Exhaling with relief
You have the ability
Yes, to surprise
Violence to such a degree
Shades of you
Not a picture of love
Most importantly
It scared me
Point proven
Yet, not moving away
Onward movement
Like a dream
You opened your soul
A beautiful piece
It was a pleasure to see
Thank you
A better understanding

You’re gone, Gone, GONE

The party’s over
The bags are packed and by the door
Don’t you dare leave me, not again
You’re gone gone gone
I’ve loved you forever and back
You’ve been here since the beginning
I’ve not had to ask for your forgiveness
You understand what I’ve been through
A similar path, me and you
Lost in translation for others, it is true
I promised to tell a story
This I will do


A fast car driving me over rolling hills, closing in on out of control
Roller coasters holding and dipping me quick
Deep sounds of a guitar soothing my soul
Dark windows containing shadows to haunt me
Scary rooms with eerie noises to chase me
My anticipating a peaceful world, dispite of it all

None of it seems to fit in with what you just gifted me. Born; a new adrenaline.