Nirvana not an interest
And a little
Simply Red
Those are the voices
In my head
Inside my dreams
You once asked
I’ll admit freely
Me? Childhood trash
That’s real, Baby
What keeps me smiling
Chet Faker’s
Beard and beanie
He plays with meaning
Sizzles my morning
You want red hair
My heart’s cracked
Worthy of repair
I cannot handle
One more longing stare
Either I feel right
Inside your mind
Or get me off
This wild ride
Slash is tight
I’ll wear his hat
Nothing else
Now think about that
Friday’s musings
Truth revealed
Play with me
Just keep it real

The Past

When did I agree to take on all this responsibility

Are long gone the days of careless attempts at skinny dips at the lake

Music cranked so loud I feel my body shake

I see that part of me now, only a few times a week

When I’m sitting in the car waiting for children to over take

I look into the rearview mirror and see Aud The Bod staring back at me

Long red curls, loads of dimples too, chasing boys, but only a few

After twenty years what still rings true

I’m a storymaker, romantic and dreamer, just like you

Sissy’s Lullaby

Sister, Oh Sisters I see our yesterdays so clear

Do you hear my songs whispering in your ear?

There wasn’t much I was prepared to say

If only my age hadn’t gotten in the way

To calm your fears, allowing sleepless nights to end

The truth for the two of you, I would always bend

I travelled slowly over subjects deemed too soon

Acting too lightly over feelings of darkness and gloom

Stay the child I have laying next to me, Oh Sister

Let me wish this dark cloud away

Oh let’s pray and pray and pray

There isn’t much a twelve-year-old could say.

You’re gone, Gone, GONE

The party’s over
The bags are packed and by the door
Don’t you dare leave me, not again
You’re gone gone gone
I’ve loved you forever and back
You’ve been here since the beginning
I’ve not had to ask for your forgiveness
You understand what I’ve been through
A similar path, me and you
Lost in translation for others, it is true
I promised to tell a story
This I will do