Madam Deliquesce

I am still
cerulean water,
born of dawn’s
with my ability
to move ferocious,
I can feel you
surround me.
Breath on my neck,
slight pressure
upon my shoulder blades
as my body bends
I defy self-control
and react
internally, your
presence caressing,
my ache aglow.
I’m left to attempt,
waves lapping,
instead of
the embodiment
of quaver. This
my transformation
into deliquesce.

My Anniversary 

My blogging Anniversary snuck up on me. As soon as I saw this photo in my notifications box this morning, I realized it was April and I’d forgotten.

Four years?

You’ve held me accountable during the hardest four years of my life. Made me feel like a friend, a daughter, a sister and a lover.

Thank you for accepting me as I am, encouraging me to return to the poetry I love to write, and expecting me to share it because you know how desperately I need to…

You’ve given me my voice. Continue reading

Dance With Me

I just need this one dance
Nothing else, I promise
Yes, this one
I know, its slow
Take me where I need to go
Allow me
Hold me close
I need to feel
Strong hands
Strength, of your lead
Pull me into your arms
Offer your shoulder
Cradle me closer
Hearts beating as one
I know no other
Honor this one wish
My love
Sing to me softly
Show me the way
I can’t do this
Without you

Last Night’s Dream

Woke up with tear stained eyes
A vivid dream nothing but a memory
We were running down the beach
Do you see
Light wind coupled with light feet
Breathing slowly
Hearts sounding like thunder
My mind clear, yet full of wonder
The distance we ran effortlessly
Filled with meaning
Pulling you down and into the sand
Forcing your eyes to look into mine
My body on top of yours, almost floating
Water lapping at our toes
Consuming the salty air
Seagulls provide a mating call
The perfect setting
Releasing our control, our duty
Succumbing to the beast
Alive, well and needing
Finally you agree to touch me
Hands sliding over my arms
Cradling both sides of my face
I feel your heat
You’re shaking
Stop questioning everything
Look at me
Wanting to force you to believe
But knowing I can’t
Waiting for your lead
My eyes plead
Yours filled with worry
I’m waiting
This life, ours for the taking
Stop searching
I’m here
Waking up to dried tears


I can’t compete with time
I can’t compete with journeys
I can’t compete with photographs
I can’t compete with wordings
I can’t compete with holigraphs
I can’t compete with simple rhymes
I can’t compete with that which drives
I simply want to live in our world
I simply want to breath the air
I simply want to feel your stare
I simply want to matter, above all
I simply want to allow myself to fall
I don’t need your hands
I don’t need your eyes
I don’t need your pleasure
I don’t need your lies
I don’t need your love
I don’t need your number
I don’t need your covers
I do need your thoughts shared
I do need your emotions to lap deeply
I do need your mind weakening me
I do need your cravings
I do need

Push Me

Push Me!
Demand, I push you back
Open Me Up!
Force, my feelings out
Hold my arms down
Seize my eyes, as they attack yours

Feel it?
Feel that powerful tension
Don’t turn away
I need you to stay

Letting me win
Well, that’s often his way

Push Me, my whispered plea
Make me push you back
Open Me Up, I silently beg
Force my lack of feelings out