Q – Quell

Where did you go
The deep hum, of your voice
Followed me in, but didn’t
Retreat along side of me
When I fled. My expectation
Wasn’t fair, I know.
The work is hard,
Battle even more so.
Are you still fighting,
Does the war continue,
Did strength
Defeat in there?
Soft hands still covering
Fragile heart. Fate leads
a Warrior. Love will win.


24 thoughts on “Q – Quell

  1. Wonderful words Audrey, I too believe in the end Love always wins out ~ it may be a battle, many wounds may be receive but in the end, there is simply nowhere else better to be. Also, you ask the question at the start which is perfect, one I often ask myself “Where did you go?”


    • Thank you, dear Photographer Philosopher Extraordinaire, I believe we’re cut from the same vine. It’s amazing to sit back and think about where we’ve gone and where we are now. I kinda like here and what tomorrow brings. May your weekend bring you inspiration. Hope the hiking went well, as well as the packing. Safe travels, Randall. โ™ก


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