Listening Together

I get caught up in the lyrics
a poet, most surely always has.
He listens to the music
proud of his favorite band.
I lean in closer,
following his lead
he listens for the horns,
I pray the words are for me.


Love, Always 

I’ll search for you
in every photo
considered by my eyes
because I’m in love
with what should happen
what will someday be
what never truly was
what could have never been
what was and what is,

In The Mood

Music feeds my soul
Celebrate a little now
Important lyrics

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, a yearly event held for two weeks during the month of March, continues tonight and I’m pretty excited. The festivities began every morning and run throughout the day leaving everyone exhausted, but fulfilled. Each night there is a rodeo and concert. Most Houstonians attend multiple live shows during this enormous event held every year. I couldn’t be more excited. John Legend is in concert tonight.

I’m really hoping to hear this song. One of my favorites. Happy Friday, Y’all!

Longing Like This


Wasn’t the possibilities of your fingers,
Softly interlaced with mine.
It isn’t the irreplaceable thought,
Of receiving your seductive kiss.
Won’t be the yearning dreams,
We cannot make come true.
Just so you may, my love,
Truly understand this poetess,
It is your creative mind,
That will always leave me,
Longing, day and night, 
Like this.

Happy Friday Night, my friends! Enjoy your weekend! ♡♡♡