Exquisitely Prepared


He slowly wakes her,
quiet, and the only one
as love’s color lays upon velvet petals, he hums.
His hands feel her beautiful,
remarkable, softly serene. His murmur, awakening her scent at dawn, leads her blossoming.
Helios, Titan god of her sun, stretches and whispers she is exquisite, mine and for now, done. 


24 thoughts on “Exquisitely Prepared

  1. Simply put.. A beautiful wording of nature and all it offers. CC 😀

    Been busy of late fishing. Wonderful to see you blooming again! 🐦


  2. You know you just might have to go back and capture this one when her petals are fully opened, don’t you?! Beautiful, serene, loving — what’s not to admire here? Thanks for showing us a bit of your world, Audrey!


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